WWE News: What DUI Charge? 5 Reasons Jack Swagger Has Not Been Punished (Yet)

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2013

WWE News: What DUI Charge? 5 Reasons Jack Swagger Has Not Been Punished (Yet)

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    Coming off a hot Raw, one of the takeaways was what didn't happen.  Namely in the case of Jack Swagger. Swagger made headlines for a DUI arrest while possessing marijuana following a SmackDown taping. 

    The WWE has barely commented on the situation.  They've shown equal irreverence towards it through subsequent actions, or lack thereof. 

    Swagger scored a quick victory over The Miz this past Monday on RAW.  He was also the beneficiary of some cheap heat as he and Zeb Colter antagonized hometown hero Jim Ross during an interview.

    Whether the WWE has saved any potential punishment for the future remains to be seen. But there appear to be a handful of reasons as to why they have opted to move forward.

Punishment for Marijuana Use Is Not as Serious

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    While marijuana is considered a banned substance in the WWE, punishment for its use is not as severe. WWE superstars are subject to a 30-day suspension for use of synthetic "spice" marijuana, however, testing positively for traditional THC only results in a $2,500 fine.  

    Recent revelations made about marijuana, and how it may not be as dangerous as once thought, has led to its legalization in multiple states. 

    Perhaps the growing mainstream acceptance of marijuana has spilled over the WWE culture, where Swagger has been punishment-free thus far. 

Growing Momentum of the "We, the People" Angle

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    Vince McMahon has been said to be a huge proponent of WWE's most controversial angle. Former writer Andrew Goldstein commented



    No DUI was gonna get in the way of what's clearly a pet project of Team VKM. Rock barely getting them any Buzz for Mania. This story is.

    — Andrew Goldstein (@AngeGold) February 22, 2013


    Another ex-WWE writer Court Bauer echoed similar sentiments of Vince McMahon's reverence for this angle. Bauer told PWTorch that Vince has been involved in "80 percent of the WWE creative" since the angle started. 

    McMahon's dedication to what has obviously turned out to be a hot angle may have saved Jack Swagger from missing out on the biggest pay day of his career. Replaceable or not. 


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    In any other season, Jack Swagger may have been done. But this is WrestleMania season. Swagger has already won an Elimination Chamber match, and the wheels have already been set in motion for a show down against Alberto Del Rio. 

    And while Swagger seems expendable as a glorified heavy for Zeb Colter, the angle could risk losing momentum if the WWE had to pull off a hotshot bait-and-switch angle to get Swagger out of the picture. 

Glenn Beck

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    The "We the people" angle received elusive mainstream press following comments made by political commentator Glenn Beck. Mainstream press is WWE's version of catnip, and the promotion has since ran with it (see above). 

    The WWE appears to have used their manufactured feud with Glenn Beck as a distraction from the Jack Swagger story that has just become another tidbit of the 24-hour news cycle. 

DUIs Have Become "The People's Crime"

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    Throw a handful of water balloons in a WWE locker room and multiple DUI offenders will get wet. As unfortunate as it is, DUI's have become commonplace for WWE superstars. The WWE has had the opportunity to make examples of lower-card talents from Bo Dallas to Cameron. 

    But all those cases proved was that the WWE has developed a pattern of turning blind eyes to DUIs.