WWE WrestleMania 29: Why It's Too Early for The Shield to Get their Comeuppance

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 4, 2013


Scott Hall's idea behind the nWo was to have a bad ass clique of wrestlers who took over WCW in one of the greatest invasion angles in professional wrestling history.

The idea and the wrestlers initially involved worked because the concept was simple—the promos were dead on and most of all, fans didn't know who would be attacked next or who might join the "Pack" and shock us all.

The Shield has the potential to be even better than their predecessors with their ability to perform, take over a match and beat the WWE's biggest stars. Granted, they get a little help getting over from the likes of John Cena, Sheamus and others, but there is potential here for the greatest story line in wrestling since CM Punk's pipe bomb.

There is no reason to stop the momentum. Maybe The Shield's greatest weapon is the fact fans never know when they will appear and who they will target. In a business where we know what happens before it happens most of the time, the secrecy of The Shield is something to embrace. Why in the world would the WWE want to stop such a good thing?

We've asked that before with John Cena and CM Punk before and were left without answers.

Note to the creative team of the WWE: Please do not change what The Shield is doing. Do not change the excitement, the ability to take over matches, the feud with Ryback and of course, the way they do promos, which I think are actually better than the nWo ever was.

After WrestleMania 29, it will be time to assess how they fare in other angles. Will there be a breakout of one of the "unholy trinity" to challenge for a title? Does the World Tag Team title come into play? Does John Cena put up the WWE Title against the likes of Roman Reigns? What happens to CM Punk in the development of the stable, and do they turn on him?

This angle produces so many possibilities. It would be a shame to waste it.

Let's hope the powers that be at the WWE know how great this team is and leaves things well enough alone.