My Open Apology to Clint Dempsey

Andre SherardContributor IApril 13, 2009

(Note: I wrote this about five or six months ago because he was struggling at this time.)

I was watching the United States-Guatemala World Cup Qualifier the other day and I noticed something when Clint Dempsey came out the game...You can tell he was visibly upset about being taken off.

He and Bob Bradley had some words with each other, and you can tell from him sitting on the bench that he was upset.

I would like to say something to Clint from a gangsta rapper to another one.

What happened to you? I mean, yeah, you are still good enough to make the national team camp and all, but we all thought of you as our next big hope. The guy that doesn't fear anything, who doesn't "get treaded on".

Watching last year's World Cup, it was obvious that you were our best player. You still have the tricks, but they didn't do much in the important games that I've seen.

You should have taken the substitution for what it is against Guatemala...We needed fresh legs in a swampy, muggy place where we hadn't won since 1980 until Wednesday's victory.

You have been shit for a little while now, and now I am questioning whether you should be in our eleven.

I will give you a chance to use the excuse that the English Premier League doesn't allow you to showcase your skills like you want, and that you feel like your game has digressed since then. But I've seen many others who have been able to use their skills to their advantage.

So, are you trying to say that you aren't good enough for it? That would be OK to say also, and nobody can fault you for that it. EPL is one of the hardest league's to play in for a professional soccer player.

You are good for a header goal or two, but we need some guys who go at people and don't do tricks that amount to nothing.

Maybe you aren't on form as of yet, and once you get to play regularly, then you can find yourself in the same form that got you into the EPL.

Get the stick out of your ass and play ball. I've treaded on you a little bit, so do something about it.

Eating my words

After I said this some six months ago, he has been very instrumental on the National team, and with his club side Fulham. Yesterday, he scored two goals against Manchester City and the other games that I've seen highlights, he has been doing very well.

So I'm a big enough man to apologize to a person who has been doing well.

So...Clint Dempsey, I apologize, and I ask you to keep on balling out and beat Mexico in Mexico City because I do want to see that before I die.