What Happened to the Test V Triple H Feud?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 13, 2009

In the year of 1999, we saw something that we didn't see coming as Stephanie McMahon was going to marry Test (Kayfabe). Test had got the approval from Vince without a problem, but it took a street fight to get his from Shane.

Test was going to be in the McMahon family, till the Game showed up as he would reveal that he indeed married Stephanie McMahon.

The night that was a post too big for Test and turned into the worst night of his life as the show ended with Triple H married to the billionaire princess.

The Triple H/Vince McMahon feud was going on, it was part of the storyline, but why was Test pushed out of the picture?

Triple H and Stephanie married to get back at Vince at the Armageddon PPV, but why did the man in the middle of it just disappear from it all?

Triple H and Test never had the proper feud that would been a great push for Test in the long run, but never got it and never got that match.

Test would never get a bigger push or storyline after that and it was a waste for him in that storyline.

Triple would go on to be a 13-time world champion and be on top of the wrestling world.

Test disappeared from the face of the earth, or the face of the wrestling world.

Test made his return in 2006, but why didn't they bring him back in a unexpected move to feud with Triple that would have been a great feud years in the making and get Stephanie McMahon involved in that match?

What would have been is the question now about Triple H and Test, and it could have been classic if the WWE gave it the right push, but never did, not even when he came back, as it would been a great return.

Triple H went on to get the push of a lifetime as Test was left for dead in the wrestling world.

What would you have thought of this feud, even if we would have waited for years to see it, should we have seen it in 1999?

-Adrian Staehle