Stupid Sports Cliches

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2008

 I was thinking about annoying cliches and here are three that stood out.

1. "Inning eater" or "never missed a start." This one really annoys me. Who cares if someone pitches a lot of innings? Are they good innings or not?

If I offered your team a pitcher that would pitch 35 starts and 9 innings each start guaranteed, but would allow 6 runs each time, would you want him on your team? NO. You'd cut him immediately.

Barry Zito never misses a start, but he allows 7 runs when he pitches, that's not good for your team. You would rather have an injured pitcher than a crappy pitcher that is never hurt.

2.  "Energy guy." I hate when they call a guy an "energy guy." That usually means they aren't very talented, but just throw their body around for the good of the team.

Also, are they saying that the other nine players (out of the 10 on a basketball court), who are world-class athletes themselves, have no energy?

In addition to that, how did these players get to such a high level? By working hard. To get so high, you have to be dedicated to your game. You have to have energy and hustle and give it your all. So why is that one guy the "energy guy?" Is everyone else not trying or something? It makes no sense.

3. "They have a good RPI". For college basketball, that is an overrated measurement of a good team.

Arizona got in the Tournament over Arizona State because of RPI. RPI should be used less in favor of head to head records and conference records. That is a fairer way to decide which team is better.

Who cares if you have a hard schedule and play tough opponents if you lose anyway. Judge based on other criteria, not RPI.