UFC on Fuel 8: Round-by-Round Recap for Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann

Craig Amos@@CAABRMMAFeatured ColumnistMarch 2, 2013

UFC on Fuel 8: Round-by-Round Recap for Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann

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    A showdown between hard-hitting strikers Wanderlei Silva and Brian Stann will act as the main event for UFC on Fuel TV 8.

    Both fighters enter the bout coming off a loss but could take a major step forward with a victory in Japan. For Stann, a win puts him into the back-half of the title contention jumble. For Silva, a win validates him as a still-relevant fighter.

    Check back right here as the action breaks for a live round-by-round recap of this light heavyweight clash.

Round 1

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    Gloves are touched and we are underway.

    Stann stalking, Silva circling. The first attack is launched by Stann, and a flurry ensues. Stann slips, but gets up. Silva gains the clinch and blasts a knee followed by a few uppercuts. Stann responds with a punch that drops Silva to a knees, but the Brazilian stands.

    Another exchange follows, and Stann goes to high-five Silva and Silva attacks him. Stann responds and drops Silva, but he once again gets up and works his way out. 

    Stann continues to engage, but he lands a low-blow. The action is put on hold as Silva is given time to recover. So far it has been a wild fight.

    Back to it now, Silva throws a jab that's counter by a right from Stann. Silva answers with a right of his own. A leg-kick from Stann lands. And another. Stann explodes forward and both fights are landing. Stann hurts Silva, but eats some counters and falls. He recovers and drops Silva. In the guard now, he works some ground and pound, but Silva defends well.

    What a round.

    Score: 10-9 Stann

Round 2

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    Round 2 kicks off with an early jab from Stann. Silva answers with a low-kick. Stann attacks again and lands a left-hand. He follows with a leg-kick that Silva counters with a left.

    Another leg-kick from Stann lands flush. Silva retaliates with a stiff jab, but misses with the followup right. Stann lands another low-blow, which once again stalls the action. Silva is given time to recover.

    Back to it, Silva brushes Stann with a couple hooks. Stann hits another low-kick, but Silva connects with a right-hook on the exit. Stann is bleeding back, but he is still pushing the pace. Silva throws a head-kick that Stann narrowly avoids. 

    Silva hits with a kick to the body, Stann lands a jab. Silva lunges in and connects with a huge right that sends Stann to the mat. Silva attacks and lands the followups as Stann lays motionless on the floor. 

    It's over. Silva pulls off the upset, scoring a highlight reel knockout in the UFC on Fuel TV 8 main event.

    Wanderlei Silva defeats Brian Stann via knockout (Round 2, 4:08)