Utah, Quit Complaining

Erik BrewerContributor IApril 12, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 02:  (L-R) Quarterback Brian Johnson #3 and wide receiver Brent Casteel #5 of the Utah Utes celebrate after defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide 31-17 during the 75th Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome on January 2, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The state of Utah is currently at in a fight with the federal government, trying to press charges on the BCS because it is "unjust," and is leaving out the smaller conferences. Believe me, I am on the band wagon with everyone else pulling for major college football to get a playoff system that gives equal representation. Unfortunately, all the big wig conferences have the final say, and knowing the PAC 10 and Big 10 commissioners, they probably don't feel the same way. Until then, you might just have to accept the fact that you're going to be stuck with the Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl, playing major conference runner-ups. Is that really even a bad thing? There is no way you could look me in the eye, and tell me Utah could have beaten Florida, Texas, or Oklahoma. The Utes did have a very impressive Sugar Bowl performance (don't get me wrong), but I doubt they were worthy of a national championship. 

You could be asking me "well, why not at least give us the opportunity?" Well, because nobody wants to see a Boise State and TCU match-up in next year's Rose Bowl. Or in this case, Utah vs. Florida. Now I could see this being a nice Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl, but to decide who our national champion will be? I don't think so. Trust me, college football fans would much rather see a big time match up between two national powerhouses that have the history and the fans that make the sport what it is. Not a powerhouse going against the WAC's finest. 

Now maybe we could work something out. I think that to make the state of Utah, and some of the other small conference states, we should allow the best of the mid-majors to form their own conference, and get their own BCS bid. This would include teams like Utah, Boise State, TCU, BYU, and maybe Hawaii or Fresno State for good measure. You could fill in the rest of the spots with a Wyoming or Louisiana Tech. This could possibly work, because the teams that would make the conference would toughen each other up, and make it to where they would be conditioned enough for the big boys.  

Knowing the guys that run college football, this stimulus plan will probably not fly, and we will be stuck with all the little guys complaining about their unfair chances at winning a national title. Just remember this: would you rather have your team cruise to an undefeated season and a BCS bowl win, or maybe lose like Hawaii did, and be embarrassed for a good couple of years? Think about that the next time you're in court.