Super Bowl XLII: The Loss That Changed Us All

Natacha BresslerContributor IMarch 31, 2008

Come on! Let it out!

We are all devastated and traumatized with sadness over a loss we can't even believe actually happened.

If you are anything like me, Monday was a bad day for you. Actually for me, Monday never happened. But before I jump to Monday, I have to tell you about my weekend.

I drove 45 minutes to go buy a Patriot jersey, since I live in a town surrounded by Steelers and Eagles fans. So, unless you're a fan of any of these teams, to find any other team's jersey is rare.

So I finally brought my first Patriot jersey, and it's my man Randy Moss, (remind me to teach you all the Brady-Moss dance) who I think is truly an incredible player.

So, on Sunday, I went to church and prayed for later that day when I could flaunt my jersey a little bit so everyone could see who was going to win this game. So you want to know what happened in the game?

Well, we lost, that's what happened. I know there was news that said we were under investigation, but do you think we let that scare us into losing? Or did we get too cocky and thought we had this in the bag, so we didn't work as hard?

We were expected to crucify them alive, and let me tell you, my friends, we came short of that. We have worked harder than that. Come on, Brady, you want to tell me what the second half of the game was all about?

Let's start with the facial expressions that allowed me to believe you had given up. Or could it have been that the Giants wanted it more than us? I think what happened is the Giants knew who they were playing and what they expected, so they worked harder.

So to all Giants' fans, congratulations. But, in all of my devastation, sadness, and heartbreak, we still had a great year, and, no matter what Brady, Moss, Mankins, Welker, Maroney, Bruschi, and the rest of the team will always be my boys.