25 Faceplants from 25 Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterMarch 2, 2013

25 Faceplants from 25 Sports

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    The idea of good sportsmanship—that you respect the other player and the outcome—has an almost immutable presence in sports. As soon as we're old enough to play tether-ball, our parents and teachers emphasize the importance of this concept, regardless of the sport or game.

    "Sore losers" make any competition a wretched experience, as do winners who use the opportunity to make you feel worse. Without a sense of good sportsmanship, any pick-up game of basketball or a rec flag football tournament would likely descend into a chaotic brawl.

    This is why hockey players form a handshake line just removed from on-ice brutality few would forgive outside of the game and why we can be a part of a team capable of achieving much more than any single individual.

    However, there's dark space carved into the very heart of sports—a third rail for which respect, honor and grace do not apply.

    The faceplant.

    No one will ever punish a person who leaves it all out on the field, even if it's a losing cause, because such an effort maintains the spirit of the game.

    When circumstances—and misfortune—lead to a series of events that end in someone's mug eating court, dirt, ice...or something even more unsavory, it can be equal parts hilarious, infuriating and frightening.

    Do you feel sorry for the victim? Do you laugh? The faceplant embarrasses and hurts the plantee and puts the spectator in the most awkward of positions. Luckily for you and me, these are videos...so we're free from any unwanted burden.

    Here are 25 faceplants in 25 sports.

Mountain Biking

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    The mountain biker in this video eats it pretty hard when his bike tire catches a groove in the rocks and sends him flying. He and the bike do a full flip—but at least his face broke the fall.

    As nasty as the fall was, you couldn't ask for a more picturesque backdrop for a faceplant.


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    The skier in this video had cameras set up at the top and bottom of his run, so his athletic failings were captured from every possible angle.

    The faceplant itself is pretty epic, but it's made all the more enjoyable by his friend's joyful laugh in the aftermath…"Niiice, dude!"


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    This video was taken at a high school basketball game in late 2012. Initially it doesn't look like much of a fall—he just comes down from traffic in front of the net a bit awkwardly and hits the court.

    Unfortunately, the kid was a little stunned by the faceplant, and the game had to be stopped briefly while he was checked out by coaches. 

    He was okay though! Yay!

Track & Field

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    Girls often have to work especially hard to get respect in sports, and this kind of incident is the type of thing that is always putting us at a deficit.

    The poor girl in this video stumbles over nothing and face plants while running at a less than impressive pace. Thankfully she was okay and walked away with only a little dent…to her dignity. 


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    Let me be clear that I'm not in the business of mocking little kids. I'm in the business of treating them like they always want to be treated—like adults!

    Actually, this video was uploaded to YouTube almost five years ago, so this faceplanting soccer playing little boy is probably a teenager by now.

    Maybe. Maybe not? No clue how old these kids are in the video.


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    This ridiculous faceplant doesn't actually happen during a high school volleyball game but rather prior to the start of the game as the girls are making their dramatic entrance.

    And dramatic it was! While attempting to run through a paper sign, three girls stumble into each other and all three of them end up face down on the wooden gymnasium floor.

    They all flail around on the ground together before finally getting up.

Kite Tubing

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    If you have never heard of kite tubing, it's basically a person clinging to a flimsy oversized tube while a speedboat races to speeds of over 50 mph.

    They have to hold on for dear life as the tube sometimes reaches heights of 30-35 feet. Naturally, this kind of dramatic sport is rife with dramatic faceplants.

    Can you even imagine hitting the water face-first at that speed?!?


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    Okay. Not everyone is going to agree with the classification of trampolining as a "sport," particularly with the level of athleticism being displayed in this video.

    But there are some people who are pretty epic on a trampoline, so let's just say it counts. Which basically gives me an excuse to include this video of a hot woman in a bikini completely bite it.

    It's hilarious—and she's a pretty good sport about it too.


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    Faceplants while running the bases are relatively common in baseball, but they are rarely as awkward and pronounced as the Astros' Carlos Corporá's faceplant in October 2012.

    He grinds into the base headfirst and basically uses his face as the brakes. The uploader quite aptly pointed out that this incident was the perfect end to the Astros perfectly wretched season. 


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    Initially I was going to use the epic faceplant video of American gymnast Nastia Liukin at the Olympic trials in July 2012.

    But in keeping with the theme of most of the list, I decided to go with another amateur video that hasn't seen quite so wide of an audience.

    This video of a fantastically failed backflip was actually uploaded just a few weeks after Liukin's fall.

    I'm wondering if that guy's face is made of rubber or something. The bounce back was uh-mazing. 

Hillbilly Games

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    Lawn mower ramp jumping into a shallow creek isn't currently a recognized Olympic sport, but they should really consider adding it before the 2016 games in Rio.

    Either that, or we should just stage winter/summer Hillbilly Olympics during the two off years in between. Although, if it ever becomes a recognized sport, don't expect Tanner to take the gold.

    Expect him to go home without a medal and with a concussion. 


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    The kid in this video attempts to ride his BMX down a flight of stars at a public park, but things don't turn out quite as well as he probably played them out in his mind.

    The result is one helluva spectacular faceplant. Although, he really deserves a lot of credit for being able to shake a hit like that off.

    The top YouTube commenter said: "TOOK LIKE THAT A TRUE BOSS."

    That he did…that he did. 


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    I guess it's a testament to the influence that pop star Madonna still wields today, because I don't remember anyone slacklining prior to her half-time performance at the Super Bowl in 2012.

    There was probably a few people doing it, but most of the videos on YouTube were uploaded in the months following.

    The guy in this video obviously isn't a skilled professional, as demonstrated by his amazing faceplant. 


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    I've seen enough episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos to know exactly how this video was going to play out before even watching it.

    An unassuming dude strapped to a board and hanging on to a rope. A bunch of giddy onlookers. A running video camera.

    He was either going to faceplant or get hit in the crotch by a run away dog. 


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    The boy in this video attempts to grind (or something?) a ledge on his hot pink razor scooter and predictably eats pavement.

    Seriously though, who rides these things anymore? And why is his hot pink? Did he borrow it from his little sister?

    I'm not going say he had it coming. But I'm not not going to say that either. 


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    This snowboarding faceplant is pretty standard issue. It's short. It's sweet.

    There are no frills and no needlessly added soundtrack. Just a girl on a snowboard attempting a little jump on the slopes.

    And nothing but the sound of her yelling as she lands in the snow face-first.



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    Those artificial surf machines on cruise ships are nothing but guaranteed faceplant machines.

    Put an untrained tourist on a surfboard and the moment the instructor lets her/him go, more often than not, it's not going to end well.

    It certainly didn't for this bronzed bikini babe on a Royal cruise. 


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    Anyone who has spent significant time watching the spectacle known as peewee football knows that this is pretty much how it goes all the time. 

    A bunch of little kids are running around wildly with adults wrangling them from all sides and telling them exactly what to do. 

    And then someone falls flat on his face. The highlight of any children's football game—assuming nobody gets hurt. You know people aren't there for the impressive athletics. 

Ultimate Frisbee

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    Unless you're playing or stoned, Ultimate Frisbee isn't usually something worth watching. 

    There is also one other incident that can make a game worth watching. 

    A faceplant...

    Into a crotch... 

    Of an opposing player.



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    I'm honestly surprised I've never seen this video on Tosh.0. It has everything Daniel Tosh and company usually look for in a video: a girl, a motorcycle and an epic wipeout on a shockingly tiny little ramp. 

    My dirt bike experience is relatively limited, but I'm fairly certain that even I could land that jump. 

    At least she had a soft sandy landing for her faceplant. There are much worse surfaces to land on your face. 


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    There are a ton of skateboard faceplant videos on YouTube, but most of them are kind of upsetting. Skateboarding may very well have the highest percentage of per person faceplants of any sport in the world. 

    And most of them are horrifying. This video isn't nearly as bad as most, although the kid definitely bites it pretty hard on the sidewalk. 

    I have to assume he was fine though, since his friend uploaded this video with the description: "dave ate sh*t." 

    Doesn't seem like something you'd do to a dead man. 


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    Doing a backflip isn't easy. They're even less easy after you've been jumping around for hours before attempting one in front of everyone in school—and their parents too. 

    So even though this high school cheerleader completely eats it on this backflip attempt—a faceplant that will haunt her forever—you gotta give her credit for trying! 


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    The uploader of this video actually asked the very same question I asked myself while watching it! And he answered it too. 

    "Doesn't ATV stand for 'all terrain vehicle? You would think mud is covered under all terrain."

    You would think that! But you'd be wrong. 


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    If you're doing it right, everything about Parkour is extreme. Even the faceplants. 

    The guy in this video is definitely doing it right because that is one of the most hellacious faceplants I've ever seen. I can't believe he walked away from that. 

    Although, if you're really doing it right…you should've stopped the whole Parkour thing about six years ago. 


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    Now this video I definitely have seen on Tosh.0. 

    The title of the video on YouTube is "BIGGEST FACEPLANT EVER !!! Must See!" That's pretty accurate. 

    A cyclist comes flying over the horizon on what looks to be a pretty slick surface. As he approaches the cameraman, for some reason he veers off the road into the grass and slams into an unsuspecting road sign. 

    The rider isn't wearing a helmet, but somehow gets up from the collision. It's just so insane. It's almost as if he was intentionally aiming for the sign. 

    There's no reason for coming off the road to begin with, and he had plenty of time to bail or at least try to steer away from it. 

    Whatever though. It's still awesome.