Diva and Knockout Recap: Week of April 5

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 12, 2009


This week's Impact gave us Awesome Kong beating Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky in a handicap match. When the match was over, TBP tried to cut Kong's hair, but Taylor Wilde ran out and made the save. Weird huh?

In case you don't know, Kong will be defending her title at next week's Lockdown against both Wilde and Angelina Love. This to me screams Kong will be dropping the title without being pinned.

Thankfully TBP or should I say, Mi Pi Sexy, have had a resurgence to their old self. With that, I'd like to see Love get the title and hopefully lead to a Roxxi resurgence.

Japanese wrestler Ayako Hamada announced that she signed with TNA and would be appearing very soon. As I stated in my article about her, I'm completely thrilled about the news.

She has the capability to put on some fantastic matches thanks to being a wrestler for more than a decade. I pray they work her in right and not put her in some ridiculous gimmick.



I've already written about this debacle of a "match." A sad showing for a celebration which included past Divas. But everyone should've known something was up when neither Lita nor Trish Stratus were in it. I still don't remember all the past Divas who competed.


Monday Night RAW nearly redeemed the previous night with a Smackdown vs. RAW tag match. The great thing about it was only the very capable Divas, or who are considered that way, were the only once to wrestle. Gail and Melina had a very nice fight.

The two are nearly one in the same as far as wrestling abilities and had some nicely innovative moves. Thankfully, the constantly forgotten Natalya got into the ring with both Melina and Mickie and made the WWE and all the fans pay attention.

It was nice to see all get involved in terms of a catfight, and even nicer to see Mickie get a pin. I'm hoping with tomorrow's Draft some serious moving and shaking will be going on as alot of these girls need a refresher.

Unfortunately, the redeeming was ruined later when "Miss Wrestlemania" Santina Marella came to the ring to talk about "her" win. Beth Phoenix came out to confront "her" and was obviously trying to get Santino to come out of the charade. Instead, Santina challenged Beth to a match.

During the match, Rosa Mendes tried to get Beth to stop, but she was having none of it. While in the midst of attempting a power move, Santino fell on top of her and got the win.

Obviously we are going to be stuck with this "Santina" thing, but I hope not for too long. If it obviously means the end of Glamarella I'm all for that as the whole thing has gotten stale.


Tuesday night we saw Diva Tiffany be named as Interim General Manager of ECW. While it's nice to see a Diva have a storyline and even nicer that she wasn't thrown straight into trying to wrestle, she's no Vickie Guerrero or Stephanie McMahon. Being named Interim means thankfully the run will be short.


Friday Night Smackdown saw Gail Kim in her first singles match since debuting take on Michelle McCool. I was surprised to see this happen so fast. Personally I was hoping for a dragged out feud, since one of those in terms of Divas hasn't happened in quite a while.

The match was a bit uncoordinated and sloppy. All of Gail's move that she used on Maryse to near perfection was botchy against McCool. I think that Michelle has a real issue working against someone as small, agile and as fast as Gail is. Gail won with a surprise roll-up.

I don't understand logic of Gail cleanly pinning Divas Champion Maryse one week and then winning with a roll-up the next. Hopefully it means that it was so McCool didn't look weak and these two will continue to feud, but time will tell, especially with the Draft looming.