WWE's Champions of Champions: Heels

Nathan MigeulCorrespondent IApril 12, 2009

Hey guys and welcome to my very first series! It's called "WWE's Champions of Champions." In these articles I will describe the role the certain type of wrestler I mentioned plays in the WWE and then I'll name the top three best at that role.

This week's topic is heels.



Heels are the guys everyone is supposed to hate. Even though that may not be the case with some heels, that's how it's supposed to be.

Heels are the exact opposites of faces. While faces embrace the fans and love them, the heels mock and criticise them. There are a lot of heels in the WWE. A lot of them play the role very well, but these three are without a doubt the best heels you can find.


3. Edge

"The Rated-R Superstar," Edge is one of the best in the business. He is also one of the best heels out there. His favourite faces to target include Cena, Undertaker, and Triple H. This man never seem to forget to tell the fans how he does the impossible and how he out smarts everyone.

He also never forgets to mention that he is the best at what he does. Even though the people at the show may hate him, a lot of the fans may actually like him because he is undeniably great and plays his role to perfection.


2. Chris Jericho

Also known as "Y2J," Chris Jericho is without a doubt one of the best if not the best heel in the WWE today. He absolutely despises the fans. He calls them all sorts of names(childish maybe but it's very effective). He never forgets to tell them how much they suck compared to him. He never forgets to mention how good he is.

Now, even though in real life he is actually one of the nicest WWE superstars, when he gets in that ring it's like his brain goes into "I Hate you all" mode (I know sounds kind of weird). He, without a doubt, is a true heel.


1. Randy Orton

"The Legend Killer," Randy Orton is probably one of the most talented men in the WWE. His moves are simply amazing as are his mic skills, and much, much more. He doesn't necessarily pick on the fans, but instead mocks the other WWE superstars and says how much better he is than them which is what gives Orton such a bad reaction (which is good).

Orton's punt is probably the best way he makes the WWE hate him. When he puts all those superstars out of action with just one kick to the head. It just pisses off the fans. So that's why in my opinion: Orton is the top heel out there.