Chris Jericho Praises Antonio Cesaro and the Shield in New Interview

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistMarch 1, 2013


Chris Jericho recently sat down with to reveal some of his thoughts on his return at The Royal Rumble, staying in shape while not wrestling and some of the newer WWE superstars he likes.

He mentioned a few specific people in the interview, which was given out of character with no heel or babyface storyline.

Jericho mentioned The Shield and Antonio Cesaro specifically, which should be a huge compliment to the up-and-coming superstars.

The included video from YouTube only shows half the interview for some reason, so if you would like to check out the full video from click here.

Having someone like Jericho mention you specifically during an interview should be a big compliment to all four of these men, especially since The Shield have not participated in that many matches.

Jericho is a veteran who is one of the last big stars to have come up in the business by travelling the world and wrestling legends in every major market.

That is beginning to change. Wrestlers are beginning to find more places to hone their craft in hopes of getting a WWE contract, and that means we are getting more experienced rookies—if that even makes sense.

Antonio Cesaro is a world-travelled wrestler who found success before coming to WWE, but having Jericho mention him as someone with a bright future is something that still probably makes him smile.

Jericho also mentioned Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, which is a great sign for their potential since they have little ring time under their belts.

For a little while, between the time when WCW and WWE were the only two dogs in the fight about five years ago, we were in a period of seeing mostly home-grown stars debut.

There were no territories to bounce between, and there were only two places to really make a living as a wrestler.

Now we are seeing independent organizations and companies like Ring of Honor and TNA start to offer wrestlers a home where they can survive and avoid having to wrestle in high school gymnasiums every day.

Chris Jericho is highly respected around the world due to his incredible in-ring work and tremendous ability to get the crowd going, which makes his opinions on the sport that much more important.

It is also interesting to note that this interview is not done in character or with any storyline, which seems to be something WWE has become a little more comfortable with lately.

The futures of Antonio Cesaro and the members of The Shield look bright, and hopefully all four men continue to find success as they rise up the ranks of WWE.

Who do you think will win a World title first: Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose or Cesaro?


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