Putting the Bulls (and Their Fans) Out of Their Misery

Thomas BarbeeSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2008

In a season that has played out like a Made for TV movie version of Animal House meets Bad News Bears, it's time for the Bulls to just stop now and forget about providing any kind of redemption for the fans that have put up with their crap.

I'm not saying this so that the Bulls can get a higher draft pick—given how the last few draft picks have worked out, I doubt if it'd really mean much—but it's as sad to hear head coach Jim Boylan's sorry excuses as it is to watch the team bumble along with the enthusiasm of a pet rock.

What's worse is listening to Boylan continuously comment on the often idiotic behavior of the team. While Joakim Noah has been made to be somewhat of a scapegoat for most of the locker room problems—mainly because of his outspoken nature—there's plenty of blame to go around.

The two captains (Deng and Hinrich) haven't exactly flourished in the leadership department, while Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon, Chris Duhon, and most recently, Larry Hughes have all had run ins with the higher ups.

So instead of letting this melodrama continue on its long and tumultuous path, how about the Bulls just give the benchwarmers a chance? Strangely, despite the trade of Ben Wallace, Aaron Gray (recent injury aside) hasn't been getting much playing time. It's pretty obvious what Noah can do, so why not see what more Gray has to offer? Similarly, it couldn't hurt to see Demetris Nichols, Cedric Simmons and Shannon Brown all get some more playing time.

The point is, the team doesn't work as it stands and John Paxon is treading dangerous waters. He has to make the right moves this offseason and it starts in knowing what kind of depth you have this year. It's obvious that many of the guys on the team aren't too interested in representing the organization well, despite Boylan's pleas. As such, it seems that the fans would appreciate watching guys that would actually put 100% effort out there.

So really guys, please stop the charade—watching the team try to convince themselves that they have what it takes to make a playoff run is almost as awkward as watching Joakim Noah's shoot the ball.

Pull the plug, see what the younger guys can do, and start fresh next year.