Diaz Dominates Shamrock in TKO Victory

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Diaz Dominates Shamrock in TKO Victory
(Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images)

Nick Diaz cruised his way to victory last night, easily dominating Frank Shamrock last night in the main event of Strikeforce’s debut on Showtime.

Shamrock had no answer for Diaz’s jab from the opening bell and Diaz cruised to victory from there. Diaz peppered Shamrock with his nagging jab and planted Shamrock on the mat after catching one of Frank’s kicks in the first round.

Diaz was able to secure a single-leg takedown early on in the fight and worked for a kimura before Shamrock was able to wiggle free and get back to his feet. Late in the first round Diaz took Shamrock down and was able to get the full mount, but Shamrock was saved by the bell.

Round two saw more of the same as Diaz continued to dominate the striking game landing labs and hooks at will. As has become the norm, Diaz verbally taunted Shamrock during the beatdown, a certain change for Shamrock who normally is the verbal aggressor in the cage.

As I expected in my preview post, Shamrock appeared to begin to gas in the second round, and Diaz was able to pin him up against the cage. A left straight to Shamrock’s chin staggered Frank and was followed up with a strong right to his midsection that dropped the aging fighter.

From there, it was just a matter of time and some ground-and-pound before referee John McCarthy ended the night for Shamrock.

A brilliant performance for Nick Diaz and yet another example of an aging former champion.

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