Boise State Football: 5 Home-and-Home Series Broncos Fans Would Want to See

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIFebruary 28, 2013

Boise State Football: 5 Home-and-Home Series Broncos Fans Would Want to See

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    The recent news of the home-and-home series Boise State signed with the University of Virgina seems to have been well received by many Broncos fans.

    As most of those fans know, it is hard to get BCS conference teams to travel to Boise to play on The Blue. So, to land an ACC squad like the Cavaliers has to be exciting for the school and the fanbase. 

    Teams like Oregon, Washington, Oregon State and Washington State have or will visit Bronco Stadium soon for nonconference games, and while the fans love those matchups, those schools are in close proximity to Boise. In turn, regional games don't effectively spread the orange and blue brand across the land.

    The Virginia games will serve as a way to get some expanded exposure, and bring some excitement to Bronco Stadium. But you have to wonder if there are other teams that could bring the same kind of benefit for the Boise State program. 

    There are, of course, the unrealistic choices such as Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame or even USC. But Broncos fans understand these kind of games will probably never happen. Stadium size, payouts, travel and the fact that those schools would have little to gain by visiting Boise are all factors.

    However, there are some schools out there that might be possibilities, and they are games that Boise State fans would probably enjoy seeing.


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    A Big Ten team in Bronco Stadium? It could happen.

    This is a game that probably had no chance of happening in the past. However, with Gary Andersen leaving Utah State to coach the Badgers, you never know.

    Boise State head coach Chris Petersen and Coach Andersen have had, at the very least, a cordial relationship over the years. Bryan Murphy of the Idaho Statesman even tweeted that Andersen spoke to Petersen about his decision to either stay or go at Utah State.

    If there was ever a chance to make this happen, it would have to be now. Boise State fans would certainly welcome the Badgers to Bronco Stadium, and the road trip to Wisconsin would be made by many of the faithful.


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    UCLA might be a boarder-line realistic grab, but with Jim Mora as their head coach, no one should count it out.

    Mora is the type of coach not afraid to take on any challenge. He doesn't seem like he could or would be worried about a game that risks more loss than gain for his team.

    Boise State fans would love this game. Not only on The Blue, but you know a trip to Pasadena would be made by every Broncos fan able to snag a ticket.

    The Broncos missed the historic opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl a couple of years ago, so playing in the stadium itself would be a grand opportunity.

    The stadium capacity of Bronco Stadium and the money Boise State could guarantee the Bruins would probably make this a near impossible series. However, a one-time road trip to Southern California could be a possibility some day.

    Still, a home-and-home with the Bruins would be something special for Boise State and its fans.

Arizona State

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    Arizona State is a Pac-12 school, outside of the Northwest, that is a real possibility of landing a home-and-home for Boise State, and fans would probably love it. 

    These teams have very little history, but Boise State did dismantle the Sun Devils in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas, 56-24, in 2011. So, you would think the motivation would be there for ASU to attempt to make a splash in Bronco Stadium.

    The trip to Tempe would be well traveled by the Broncos fanbase, and the game in Boise would, without a doubt, be standing room only.

    Boise State vs. Arizona State is a series that should and probably could happen. 


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    So it's not LSU, Alabama or even Ole Miss, but Kentucky is probably one of the only SEC teams that might consider making the trek to Boise to play.

    The Wildcats are not an excellent football team by any means. Realistically, right now, they aren't even a good team. They went 2-10 overall and 0-8 in the SEC last season. However, that's what gives this series any hope. It puts Boise State in the position of having the most to lose.

    A trip to Kentucky gives Boise State exposure, and as long as things went according to plan, a dominant win by the Broncos would serve them well. But it is a gamble, and an upset or a close game could set the program back a bit.

    Another thing that could make this series happen is that the current athletic director at Boise State, Mark Coyle, is the former deputy athletic director at Kentucky. So, he may have a few connections.

    It probably wouldn't be the most exciting series for Broncos fans, but like Virginia, it would be a good addition to a nonconference schedule.


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    TCU came into Bronco Stadium and handed Boise State an upset loss in 2011. It kept the Broncos out of the BCS, and it left a bad taste in the mouth of many Bronco Nation fans.

    It was a heartbreaking 36-35 loss for Boise State, but then TCU went and added insult to injury. With the victory came some smack talk via a commemorative T-shirt.

    "Won and Done" is what the shirt read, and many Broncos fans have not forgotten that.

    The biggest obstacle to landing a series with the Horned Frogs is simply the fact that TCU has nothing to gain and everything to lose. A Big 12 schedule is tough enough, and the last thing TCU probably wants is another difficult week during the season.

    The only way this series could even be a possibility is if Boise was to offer a two-for-one deal or something like that. Could that happen? You never know.

    But if it does happen one day, expect Boise State fans to create some very colorful shirts of their own.