Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton Fantasy: A Brawl to Remember (Part 2 of 3)

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IApril 12, 2009

A burst of applause soon followed the fighter introductions.

It was the moment I and the rest of the boxing-viewing public was waiting for.

The bell rang to announce the start of the first round. At this moment the crowd was all fired up. The sound pressure is that of a Jet engine and could reach a nerve-racking 150 dB.

Pacquiao and Hatton both looked great. Their bodies were in the best shape of their lives. They started the round by sizing up each other. Fearlessly looking at each other's eyes.

After a moment Hatton draws first blood catching Pacquiao with a hard right to the latter's face to the delight of the drunkards, I mean Brits. I swear, I saw Her Royal Highness went up on her feet and cheered like a madman.

Pacquiao saw "red" but remained calm and composed. He worked on his jab and danced brilliantly. He caught Hatton with a big left hook, but the pride of Manchester didn't look affected by any rate.

Hatton answered back with a ferocious one-two. Pacquiao gave back the favor with a picture-perfect counter punch.

The crowd is on its feet.

Another uppercut from Hatton momentarily stunned Pacquiao. Pacquiao answered back with a barrage of punches that seemingly hurt Hatton, and another Pacquiao assault ended the first round.

I could hear the crowd chanting, "MANNY, MANNY, MANNY"

It was a very close opening round.

At the break, I heard a guy from the bleachers shout,

"Go Hatton!!, I bet the whole country of Canada so I'm counting on you"

And another guy shouted,

"Go Pacquiao!! I love all the beautiful Filipina girls. I'm single and still available."

It turned out that it was two of my Bleacher Report buddies shouting their lungs out.

I thought "Is he really single? or just available but not single?"

Well, enough of the nonsense thoughts.

Round two started and the fight or should I say "War" picked off to where it left. Both Pacquiao and Hatton were trading bombs at the center of the prizefighting arena.

Everytime Hatton beat the hell out Pacquiao, Pacquiao always came back and beat the hell out Hatton.

Everytime Pacquiao landed a brutal uppercut, Hatton immediately answered back with thundering blows.

The crowd is still in awe.

I wonder "Why do they ever put seats on the MGM Grand, people don't even use it"

The early rounds were like pages taken from the book of the historic Marvin Hagler-Tommy Hearns encounter.

It was an instant classic.

The Mediterranians, the Etruscans, and the Greeks, early practitioners of boxing pugilism must have been very proud to see these two ring gladiators in a fierce bout not for money, not for fame but a fight for one's dignity.

In fact, It could also be, a fight for one's life..

The same trend continues up to round four. Both men now covered with blood, both men sucking wind and both men still eager to outlast each other..

To be continued..