Dear NCAA: What Women's College Basketball Should Do To Reach the Next Level

Dominica BroomCorrespondent IApril 12, 2009

Dear NCAA,

College basketball is quite enjoyable. I look forward to another season every year, filled with new surprises, players, upsets, and Kodak moments.

Despite my infatuation with the college game, there are a few changes I think that need to be made, for fans and teams alike.

First off, ditch the halves. Pretty much every league at any level right now plays with quarters. Halves are so old-fashioned and outdated. Instead of two halves, switch to 10-minute quarters.

It seems to make sense: In high school and the professional leagues (even middle school!) quarters are used.

It must feel weird for an athlete to play quarters (on select teams, high school, or even recreational teams), then halves in college only to adjust back to quarters (if they go pro, that is).

Now, I could be wrong with quarters, but aren't they worth a try?

Keep it consistent; let's use quarters for the game for every level.

Speaking of staying consistent, please change the shot clock too. Thirty seconds is too long. Conform with the others (NBA, WNBA, and FIBA) and change it to 24.

It will hopefully speed up the game and see more of an offense and more possessions. No more useless dribbling, holding the ball, or "killing the clock."

Get the ball, fast break or run an offense, and score.

So simple, right?

In addition to these changes, how about imposing a time limit for getting the ball across half court?

When the game gets down to the wire and one team is so close, I hate seeing the winning team standing on one side, holding the ball, just taunting the opponent. Really?

Where is the excitement of having the winning team get it across half court and needing a basket to keep the lead?

It really stinks for the losing team when their opponent can stand on one side and then come across when the shot clock winds down to near 15 (see shot clock changes would help here too!).

Then again, some might argue they shouldn't be losing in the first place.

At least I am not the only person who agrees.

I hate also the petty fouls the referees call. I mean, come on, there's a foul and then there's a foul. If someone is driving hard to the basket and then gets laid hard on the floor...that's a foul.

But I despise seeing a foul (or usually not even noticing the foul) far above the three point line, and all because she "reached in" or there was a light touch.

If it doesn't really disrupt the flow of the player (and isn't a serious intent on hurting them), then why call it?

You might think I'm crazy, but as a ex-player, -coach, and -manager, too many fouls can kill a game; all that stopping, yelling out a number, re-starting, etc. is super boring.

I understand fouls need to be called to not turn the game into some brutal UFC match, but every little petty foul needn't be called.

Besides, a player only gets five (usually). Use them wisely.

So, NCAA, don't get mad at me. I'm just in the giving mood, so tips are being given away for free. Feel free to use them before the tip-off for next season's games... please.

Your biggest fan,

Dominica Stewart

P.S. Please let the Basketball Gods play nice with my Sooners next year.