Hello...Is Anyone with the Diamondbacks Listening?

E Paul LianCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

MILWAUKEE - JUNE 04: Manager Bob Melvin #3 of the Arizona Diamondbacks watches as his team takes on the Milwaukee Brewers on June 4, 2008 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

I need to ventilate. I'm mad as hell and I can't take it anymore.

We're only a couple games into the season and the mistakes of the past few years are already being repeated.

It all starts at the top—fire Bob Melvin.

I've been telling my D-Back buddies this for three years. He's not a leader and commands no respect from his players or the fans.

His low key, do nothing approach wouldn't be tolerated in rookie ball much less in the major leagues. We need a manager who can get his players motivated to play at their highest levels, every day....not once a week.

Whoever our general manager is, also needs to have a career change. The current crop of tattoo artists he hired needs to be shown the door. It's no secret people who rely on tattoos for their identities suffer from extremely low self esteem. These types do well in circus freak shows, not on major league baseball rosters.

How are we supposed to cheer for and identify with second baseman Felipe Lopez? Has management requested he wear long sleeve shirts to partially hide his ink?

The reliever, Jon Rauch, looks like he belongs in prison. His stats were bad last year and are not looking any better this season.

Get rid of them both.

We need some high quality athletes on our team, some champions if you will, not some two-bit thugs.

Is the GM the guy, or is it Melvin, who sets the team appearance standards? How can Dan Haren pitch effectively with his hair and beard flapping in the wind?

Same goes for Eric Byrnes. Come to the ball park well groomed guys, or don't show up. A decent haircut and shave would be a nice place to start. Look like a major leaguer, not some immature punk kid.

Somebody light a fire under Conor Jackson and Mark Reynolds. Both of these guys are giving minimal efforts, and no one is pushing them. Reynolds doesn't seem to know the fundamentals of the game, his poor-throwing habits belong in the minor leagues. Jackson doesn't seem to understand the concept of concentration, it's why he's so inconsistent.

Both players can be coached up, but Melvin sits by and lets these guys languish in the field, hoping things will get better.

We need an action guy as our manager, not milk toast.

Our front office needs to take some action too. Greg Schulte on the radio broadcasts is the lone bright spot, he's a pro, he gives me a reason to listen. On the other hand, Deron Sutton and Mark Grace are embarrasingly amateurish. Get rid of them both. Find professional play-by-play broadcasters, not some washed up former ball players.

Come on guys, this is the major leagues, the big time. Start running your enterprise like you actually care. Tell Grace and Sutton to back off their assinine "Red Days", or whatever they're called. It's childish and immature, and an affront to us fans.

One last thing, I refuse to buy a Diamondback ticket until management shows some courage and addresses these concerns. Don't throw away another season. Be bold. Take some decisive action to improve the product.