A Formula One Fact File for Newbies

Nandhini ReddyCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

This is a fact file for those considering to follow Formula One, owing to recently being laid off from their respective jobs. I have attempted to classify the misconceptions (that a newbie might be prone to) in accordance with their professional background.

No matter what your professional background is, it is necessary that you understand the following point to begin with:

  • Formula One does not owe to "Newton's mass energy formula" (widely regarded as the No. 1 formula) for its existence.

If you happen to be an electrical/ electronic/ computer science engineer:

  • A Formula One circuit is not made up of resistors and capacitors.
  • A lie-gate is not a kind of logic gate you skipped learning about during the basic electronics lessons and thereby it is devoid of a "truth" table.

If you happen to be a chef/ dietitian:

  • Brawn is not a member of the Prawn family rich in Vitamin B and so you might not be able to find a recipe on "How to make Brawn Tartare."

If you happen to be a taxonomist:

  • Scuderia (as in Scuderia Ferrari) is not exactly the "genus" name of the Ferrari "species" of cars.

If you happen to be a secret agent from Pakistan:

  • FIA does not stand for Federal Investigation Agency.

Most important: If your kids consider to follow F1 along with you, it is mandatory that you make them understand the subsequent points:

  • Bernie Ecclestone is in no way associated with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.
  • Iceman does not sell ice cream.