Top 75 Fantasy NBA Playoffs Players (Updated Apr. 11)

len laberCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

CLEVELAND - FEBRUARY 22:  LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts after a basket while playing the Detroit Pistons on February 22, 2009 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

March Madness may be over but the April, May, and June madness of the NBA Playoffs is just about to start!

Whether you are fantasy basketball player or a casual basketball fan, nothing makes the playoffs more exciting than playing fantasy basketball on, a homegrown fantasy sports website I've spent two years creating.

There are two ways to play, either One and Done or Survival modes. In One and Done, you select your own lineup of players each round of the playoffs and can only use a player once while in Survival, you either choose or draft with league members a full roster before the playoffs begin.

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For helpful hints and strategy, read my latest article NBA Fantasy Playoffs:Keys to Winning

Don't think you have enough time to do research? The hard part has been done for you as a one-page cheat sheet of top scorers on all the playoffs teams is posted on the homepage and below is a list of top 75 players.

Best of luck playing the game and I look forward to you joining the competition and fun on

Default fantasy point scoring = 2 pts for each pt scored, 1 pt per reb, ast, stl, blk, 3pt made, and -1 per TO.  Stats as of 4/6.

RankNameTeamPositionPPGRebAstFantasy Pts
1Dwyane WadeMiamiG29.85.07.573.3
2LeBron JamesClevelandF28.
3Kobe BryantLA LakersG27.
4Dirk NowitzkiDallasF25.68.22.462.1
5Chris PaulNew OrleansG22.55.311.062.1
6Dwight HowardOrlandoC21.114.01.458.5
7Brandon RoyPortlandG22.
8Carmelo AnthonyDenverF22.96.83.355.2
9Tim DuncanSan AntonioC19.810.63.653.9
10Joe JohnsonAtlantaG21.34.35.953.4
11Tony ParkerSan AntonioG21.83.06.952.1
12David WestNew OrleansF20.78.52.351.7
13Deron WilliamsUtahG19.22.910.650.9
14Pau GasolLA LakersFC18.89.53.650.4
15Paul PierceBostonF20.55.83.750.3
16Yao MingHoustonC19.69.91.850.1
17Ben GordonChicagoG20.53.43.548.6
18Andre IguodalaPhillyG18.
19Jason TerryDallasG19.62.43.547.3
20John SalmonsChicagoF19.64.61.747.0
21LaMarcus AldridgePortlandF18.57.51.947.0
22Rashard LewisOrlandoF17.95.72.646.5
23Ron ArtestHoustonF17.
24Ray AllenBostonG18.43.62.845.1
25Mehmet OkurUtahC17.17.91.744.6
26Mo WilliamsClevelandG17.
27Hedo TurkogluOrlandoF16.75.34.943.8
28Josh HowardDallasF18.14.91.743.7
29Carlos BoozerUtahF16.
30Richard HamiltonDetroitG18.23.14.343.5
31Kevin GarnettBostonF15.88.52.543.3
32Allen IversonDetroitG17.43.14.942.5
33Andre MillerPhillyG16.14.56.542.4
34Derrick RoseChicagoG16.
35Tracy McGradyHoustonG15.
36Josh SmithAtlantaF15.37.32.541.4
37Mike BibbyAtlantaG14.93.64.840.0
38Nene HilarioDenverC14.57.71.438.7
39Tayshaun PrinceDetroitF14.
40Chauncey BillupsDenverG12.55.07.538.5
41Paul MillsapUtahF13.78.81.938.3
42Andrew BynumLA LakersC14.08.21.538.3
43J.R. SmithDenverG14.93.72.937.8
44Elton BrandPhillyF13.88.81.337.5
45Thaddeus YoungPhillyF15.
46Rajon RondoBostonG12.05.18.437.0
47Marvin WilliamsAtlantaF14.06.41.337.0
48Luol DengChicagoF14.16.01.936.5
49Rasheed WallaceDetroitFC12.27.51.436.4
50Jermaine O'NealMiamiC13.57.01.635.8
51Zydrunas IlgauskasClevelandC13.
52Luis ScolaHoustonF12.78.81.535.1
53Al HorfordAtlantaC11.39.22.535.1
54Jason KiddDallasG9.26.18.635.0
55Peja StojakovicNew OrleansF13.54.31.334.9
56Ronnie BrewerUtahG13.
57Brad MillerChicagoC12.
58Lamar OdomLA LakersF11.38.32.634.4
59Rodney StuckeyDetroitG13.43.54.834.4
60Rafer AlstonOrlandoG12.02.85.333.4
61Kenyon MartinDenverF11.
62Michael BeasleyMiamiF13.
63Travis OutlawPortlandF12.
64Delonte WestClevelandG11.63.13.631.7
65Andrei KirilenkoUtahF11.44.92.731.4
66Steve BlakePortlandG11.
67Antonio McDyessDetroitFC9.59.61.330.5
68Udonis HaslemMiamiF10.
69Lou WilliamsPhillyG12.
70Tyrus ThomasChicagoF10.
71Roger MasonSan AntonioG11.
72Rasual ButlerNew OrleansG11.53.30.929.5
73Mario ChalmersMiamiG10.02.74.829.0
74Ronald MurrayAtlantaG11.92.11.928.6
75Aaron BrooksHoustonG11.