Korean Human Jumbotron Is the Pinnacle of Humans Acting Like Pixels

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I want you to take a second and consider how lazy your fandom has been so far in life. You sit there chomping on hot dogs, maybe offering a shout or two as you watch your favorite teams go to work.

Chances are, your efforts pale in comparison to these amazing fans in Korea, who make sure to be the best possible human pixels they can be as they join together in a human jumbotron. 

In all seriousness, this video is amazing. It's so amazing that I don't mind bringing it back from when it was originally posted a few years ago.

GeekFill.com recently spotted this gem, originally published in 2009, and here, we bring it to you in all of its glory. 

The fan section is such a spectacle, its becomes the main attraction. Can you even tell what sport is being played on the field? It appears to be soccer, but who cares? 

Unfortunately, there still isn't a lot of detail behind the video, so I would love to hear from anyone who is in the know. 

There is some conjecture as to whether this was a video of North or South Koreans, but judging off pictures like these, and this other video, I would lean toward the former.

We all know that North Koreans get their rhythm and mass coordination from their military, but these fans take it to another level.

I realize that most of the video is sped up based on the way the athletes and cheerleaders on the field move, but that doesn't take away from the difficulty of the feat. 

From the tiger eyes at the 52-second mark to the exploding volcano at the 1:20 mark, this trumps pretty much anything I can hope to accomplish as a fan. 

Doing the wave just doesn't cut it anymore. 

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