WWE Needs to Capitalize on the Brock Lesnar Accident

Jack WindhamAnalyst IFebruary 27, 2013

Brock Lesnar (WWE.com)
Brock Lesnar (WWE.com)

Sometimes, you have to make the best of a situation.

On Monday Night Raw, we all saw Triple H making his triumphant but expected return to Monday Night Raw. He came out to attack Brock Lesnar, who was left bloodied from the assault.

To clear up any confusion, that cut was legitimate. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion had to receive a reported dozen staples backstage to close the wounds, according to PWInsider.com (h/t WrestleZone).

While the company is wanting to heavily hype up the match for WrestleMania, they have a pretty strict policy on blood to keep the advertisers on board.

Accidents happen, and WWE will convey that to network executives and others that care about that sort of thing. Since they can't fix it, the best thing that they can do is capitalize on it.

The company needs to sell the hatred between Triple H and Brock Lesnar by emphasizing the brutality of the incident from Monday Night Raw. The fact that they cannot show the bloody scene would help enhance the rivalry even more.

This basically means that WWE cannot have a straight-up match, the preferred type between big-name performers at WrestleMania, any more. Some sort of gimmick match will be needed for these two guys.

A Hell in a Cell match would be perfect for Brock Lesnar and Triple H, but that might be too much for WrestleMania. Instead, a steel cage match should suffice, as it is something that might generate interest from the media more so than a regular match would.


Rather than relying solely on The Rock to sell the event, WWE can market a double main event as the selling point. A catchy headline like "A Steel Cage Match in the Steel Jungle (New York City)" would get picked up pretty easily by writers across the country.

If there was ever a time where Triple H needs to be egotistical, now would be that time. He needs to take it as a personal challenge, both as a performer and executive, to build up a second main event for WrestleMania.


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