Backlash: What You Can Expect From Edge Vs Cena

Nathan MigeulCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

Hey everyone. In this article, I'm going to give you a preview of the World title match that is Edge Vs John Cena.


The History

Ever since I can remember Cena and Edge have always been in a feud with each other. Feuds for the WWE title, feuds just because they hate each other and now they are in a feud for the world title.

These men have always been at it. With great matches, street fights or just brawls out of nowhere these men couldn't wait to pick each other apart. Edge has even attacked Cena's father, he's gone to Cena's home.

While Cena has gone to the lengths of attacking Edge in his hotel room numerous times, and Cena has really gone all out with Edge when he threw him into the sea. What I'm trying to say it's all been there and now according to Edge we have the final meeting between these two(doubt it). 

But at Backlash the fans are going to forget about all the history back then and look at those two make some new history.


Breaking Down the Match

This contest will be a last man standing match to determine the World Heavyweight Champion. The way you loose is you get counted out. You are allowed to use any weapons to take down your opponent. Weapons like steel chairs, sledgehammers, ladders, and whatever else you can find.

With Cena and Edge in this kind of matchup the only thing you ask yourself is how extreme is this going to get. To what limits will they go to so they can destroy each other. Well no one really knows except for them and the WWE writers.


How the Match Will Play Out

This is my prediction for how the match will go...

Match starts off normally with just punches, kicks, neckbreakers and off the rope moves.

Then when Edge establishes dominance he gets a steel chair and a table.

Edge puts Cena on the table and jumps off the turnbuckle with the chair aimed at Cena.

Cena manages to dodge it which leaves Edge down until the nine when he finally get up.

Now Cena tries an attitude adjustment, but Edge manages to escape.

Both men take it to extreme levels using weapons like steel chairs, tables ladders, steel steps and more.

As the match is coming to an end Cena lifts Edge up on his shoulder delivers an Attitude Adjustment on the steps and watches as Edge can't get up.

Result: Cena retains

That is how I see it to play out!