What Ohio State Must Pitch to 6'5" 4-Star WR Dallis Todd During Unofficial Visit

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 26, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes have the chance to take a very early lead in the recruitment of one of the more interesting wide receivers in the 2014 class: Dallis Todd.

Todd has elite potential as a wideout, if only because of his size. He's 6'5'', 210 pounds and he's ranked as the No. 30 wide receiver in the 2014 class (247Sports Composite). Like I said, though, he has the potential to be one of the better wideouts from this class.

Ohio State just recently offered the big recruit a scholarship, and he's already developed a strong recruiting relationship with a member of the staff, according to Marc Givler of BuckeyeGrove.com:

California is a state where several Ohio State assistants all pitch in to recruit the area but Todd has developed a strong relationship already with one Buckeye assistant. 

"I talk with coach (Tim) Hinton," Todd explained. "We have a good relationship. He was telling me that I'm their style of player and that they really want me. He said I could come in and compete and maybe even start as a true freshman." 

Todd is also planning on unofficially visiting Columbus in April, according to Givler's report:

"I'm visiting April 6th," he said. "I was also talking to coach Hinton about getting there for a regular season game for an official visit. I'm excited for it. I want to see a great program, meet the coaches, talk to the players, just get a feel for it." 

The four-star wide receiver is definitely already high on Ohio State, so this could end up being a huge visit for the Buckeyes. Aiming to get a commitment from him should be the goal, and the pitch is simple for Meyer and his staff.

They've already talked to him about competing as a true freshman, and that's a pitch that needs to continue. Any high-level recruit is going to want to know that he can come in and at least compete to make an immediate impact, and due to his size, Todd could be a very interesting red zone option right away. I don't doubt that Meyer would be able to find a way to utilize the mismatches that he can present.

Playing time is huge, but the fact of the matter is that a recruit as talented as Todd will be able to play college football anywhere. What will really separate Ohio State from everybody else is the championship potential that the program possesses.

As it stands, there's not a program in the country not named Alabama (and potentially Notre Dame) that has the championship potential that Ohio State does. That statement will be true in 2013, but with the way that Meyer recruits, it's going to be a statement that rings true for as long as he's coaching the Buckeyes.

Championships should be the expectation at Ohio State, and that's the kind of football culture that the Buckeyes can offer Todd. 

Not only will he have the opportunity to compete, but he'll have the chance to play on one of the most high-profile teams in the country, for one of the best coaches in the country.

Todd already appears to hold the Buckeyes in high esteem, so it shouldn't take much to win him over.

The expectations are very high in Columbus, and Todd may have the opportunity to be a part of something very special. 

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