Top Five Unappreciated Superstars In the WWE Today

Nathan MigeulCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

The WWE has many great superstars, but there are those who are put in the spotlight and outshine some of the other superstars, taking away credibility from others.

I'm going to give you the top five most unappreciated wrestlers. This won't be just young guys who don't get enough respect, this will also have the old guys who can still get it done, but are considered crap now.

5. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio is still an amazing wrestler even though people may not think so.

He still has the high flying moves he's always had, and can still put on a great show. Now just because his finisher has gotten boring for us to watch doesn't mean he should be forgotten about. With the upcoming WWE draft, I see Mysterio heading back to Smack Down, where maybe he can finally get the respect he needs.

4. CM Punk

After his one world title reign, CM Punk was taken out of the world title picture right away.

I think the WWE is just realizing that this man is the future. CM Punk is young and he is an amazing performer. He can get it done, he's a really good actor, and way more. CM Punk is a great blend between a highflyer and a power fighter, which is what I really about him. Now that CM Punk has regained MITB, maybe the WWE can start using him to his full potential.

3. Christian Cage

Cage is a very skilled athlete. He has recently returned to the WWE and, I for one, am thrilled.

When Cage signed the deal it stated he would win the world title. Sadly, we haven't seen that yet. 

With the upcoming draft, I hope to see Captain Charisma going to Smack Down where he can get the world title win and hold it for a while so he can once again be considered world title quality.

2. John Morrison

"Be Jealous"—that's John Morrison's and The Miz's catch phrase (sorta).

Well right now nobody's jealous of him. He is such an amazing young athlete with a great future and a great today, but he is being left in the tag title hunt.

Are you kidding me? This man is already major title quality and yet he's not getting those title shots. All this man has held that's kind of big so far is an ECW championship. Once again I will be referring to the draft. With this draft I think he and The Miz will be split up so they can start they're single careers. I personally think he will be heading for an ITC/US title soon and then they'll give him a shot for the ultimate prize.

1. Batista

Batista is without a doubt the most unappreciated superstar in the WWE today.

So what  if he's getting old. He can still put on a good show. Does anyone here remember his feud with the Undertaker?

That was amazing! Both men fighting their hearts out—that was probably the most amazing feud I've seen in a while. And that wasn't too long ago.

Anyway, I don't care what anyone says, Batista is an amazing athlete who can put on a good show with okay mic skills and super-human strength.

And he will have many near title shots. So to all the haters out there I say, "Too bad."