England Football: Who Will Be Fabio Capello's Captain?

Felix TangCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2008

Since Fabio Capello's appointment as England's national team manager in January this year, he has yet to make up his mind on who would be England's captain.

However, he has tried using the Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand in the past two friendlies to make his decision come easier.

So who is the most appropriate choice? Who has the inspirational and leadership qualities to lead one of the most prestigious but disappointing national teams in the world?

Below are a few candidates that are possible to fill the void:

David Beckham as most of you know, was the England captain for a long period of time. He resigned as a result of their elimination in the 2006 World Cup, and also suffered a bigger blow when he was dropped by new manager Steve McClaren. 

Becks is slowly working his way back into Capello's England after completing a century of caps in the last friendly against France.

In my opinion, his re-selection as skipper will be largely welcomed by the players and the fans, considering the wealth of experience he has. However, age is not on his side as he turns 33 this May. 

By the time of the South Africa World Cup two years later, he might consider to retire from international football. Nevertheless, I reckon Beckham will be a great selection.

Being the famous inspirational captain that led Liverpool to Champions League glory in 2005, Steve Gerrard is also one of the players tipped to be captain. At 27, he is at his prime, and definitely deserves a thought from Capello. 

His abilities are very much proven, from his box-to-box play and long range shots. He has inspired his Liverpool team mates during the worst of times, and also can do this for his country.

John Terry, the latest captain to date, is also hoping to relinquish his role. Many of his England team mates have publicly backed him to continue his tenure. 

Undoubtedly the 27-year old is one of the best central defenders in England, and probably Europe. Similar to Gerrard, his advantage comes as he is club captain for Chelsea. 

Yet, John Terry's captaincy is a reminder of England's gloomiest days, a reminder of England and McClaren's failures. I think Capello would want to bring in new blood, leaving the past and welcoming the new.

Alongside Terry, Frank Lampard is a pivotal player for Chelsea and England. At 29, he is also a potential contender for the captaincy.

However, the Gerrard-Lampard duo in the centre of midfield has simply not worked in the past years, and in recent games other players such as Gareth Barry, Owen Hargreaves and Michael Carrick have stepped into those midfield berths, and sometimes to greater effect. 

I don't see Lampard standing a massive chance, but he will definitely be considered.

Another big name mentioned is Terry's England central defence partner, Rio Ferdinand. He is clearly under consideration as he was the skipper in rotation to lead in the friendly where England and France were separated by a Ribery spot kick. 

The 29-year old deserves to be on this shortlist, and his performances for club and country have been steady, safe and solid. The superb form of league leaders Manchester United at this moment is an advantage, something the other candidates do not have.

One of the most surprising inclusions would be Gareth Barry. His emergence to the England first-team squad has been quick under McClaren's reign. Having not been previously called-up, he has been one of the few players in England's Euro qualifiers that have shone. 

The 27-year old Aston Villa captain should not keep his hopes too high, but should be happy to see himself as a possibility.  

These six players all have a chance at this captaincy. But whatever is going on in Capello's mind, we will never know until the official announcement.