Nick Adenhart: One Final Ode to the Angels Pitcher

Ben SpicerCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 10:  Fans gather around a makeshift memorial to Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart outside Angel Stadium, after the game against the Boston Red Sox on April 10, 2009 in Anaheim, California. Adenhart and two others were killed in a car crash on Thursday,  April 9.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Death is unavoidable and inevitable.

The ability to live or have life, to some living things, is unalienable. Always tragic, but never predictable, death can strike at any time—taking away loved ones or things we love. Most have had to cope with the trauma of tragically losing one so dear to them and in sports it's no different.

Just two days ago, the world of Major League Baseball was forced to indulge itself into horrific news. A young kid with an aspiring career and promising future in store, a pitcher for the Anaheim Angels who was just 22 years old, passed away.

Nick Adenhart died early Thursday morning in a traffic accident, presumably a victim to a drunk driver. It was only a couple hours after Adenhart had pitched the game of his career, with six scoreless innings against division rival Oakland.

Figured by many to be a future all-star, Adenhart never got to experience a full season in Major League Baseball. Although he had pitched in a professional game before, this was in fact his rookie season. Word of Adenhart's death may have been shocking considering that he had so much more room to improve, the sky was literally the limit as far as potential is concerned.

A depressing vibe lingered across Angel Stadium, the scene outside was home to many Angel fans or baseball fans alike, all paying tribute to the young pitcher. Stacks of cards, flowers and balloons began to climb higher and wider. One balloon even read "Nick, You're An Angel Now".

Born in Hagerstown, Maryland, Adenhart was selected in the 14th round of the 2004 amateur entry draft. Just five years later, Adenhart was ranked as the No.1 prospect in the Angels farm system, 24th overall in Major League Baseball.

It's no secret his potential was through the roof. That may be the single reason this event is so tragic. It's sad to see anyone pass away, but even more sad to see a kid who's just beginning to do what he loves die, and under circumstances that are so sorrowful but yet so predictable in a society of now.

It's unclear whether or not Adenhart was a victim of a drunk driver at the moment but it's likely. Whatever the case, it's tough to see an admirable figure such as Adenhart, one that would likely have made an impact at the professional level, go in such a way.

A tough loss for the baseball world, indeed. Rest in peace, Nick Adenhart. You will never be forgotten.