WWE Monday Night Raw Recap: Cena Defeats Punk, Heads to WrestleMania

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IIFebruary 25, 2013

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Feb. 25 edition of WWE Raw, which aired from Dallas, Texas, opened with a video package recapping the latest events.

Vince McMahon, who was in crutches after his recent hip surgery, walked gingerly to the ring. McMahon invited Paul Heyman to fight him. After Heyman and McMahon brawled, Brock Lesnar interrupted their fight by heading towards the ring. 

However, as Lesnar was about to attack McMahon, Triple H's music played and "The Game" made a shocking return into action. Afterwards, Triple H and Lesnar fought around the ring before Raw went to a commercial break.


Match No. 1: Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback

Your winner via pin fall: Ryback. An entertaining opening match, as WWE went with two different types of wrestlers. Ryback looked extremely strong at times during the match, knocking around Ziggler with ease. 

Match Rating: 3.5/5.


After a commercial break, CM Punk came out to the ring. Punk said that everyone watching WWE Raw would witness something epic. He began to heavily talk about himself, remembering back to his time as the WWE champion. Punk claimed that he is an immortal figure and cannot be beaten in the ring.

Another video package aired, as Donald Trump was announced as the fifth inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame.


Match No. 2: Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali

Your winner via pin fall: Mark Henry. Unfortunately for The Great Khali, it is another loss in the record books. This match was clearly geared to giving Henry a stronger push heading forward. For The Great Khali, this battle only downgraded his standing in the WWE.

Match Rating: 2/5.


The Miz was then introduced to the ring to host "Miz TV." He welcomed his guests, which included Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger, Ricardo Rodriguez and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Albert Del Rio.

Colter began the discussion by defending his statements about immigration. As Del Rio was about to talk, Colter told the WWE World Heavyweight Champion that he represents the American Dream and push for people to sneak into the country.

Del Rio fired back, saying America is the land of opportunity. Swagger took over the microphone and told Del Rio that he will see him at WrestleMania.


Match No. 3: Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton

Your winner via pin fall: Randy Orton. Orton stunned Cesaro with an impressive and unexpected RKO for the win. Although the battle could have been longer, Cesaro and Orton did a good job during the duration of their match.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Sheamus, who was dressed in a suit, headed towards the ring to discuss the Oscars. He began to discuss the Awards and said that they missed Wade Barrett's acting performance in the new movie, Dead Man Down. Sheamus described Barrett's acting skills before the WWE Intercontinental Champion came out to the ring.

After Barrett attempted to attack Sheamus, he quickly stormed outside the ring.


Match No. 4: Cody Rhodes vs. R-Truth

Your winner via pin fall: R-Truth. It appears the WWE is setting up a potential WrestleMania match between Damien Sandow and R-Truth. R-Truth is looking very strong in his return to the WWE.

Match Rating: 2.5/5.


Match No. 5: Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Prime Time Players

Your winner via pin fall: Daniel Bryan and Kane. Bryan, who was blindfolded and Kane, with one arm tied behind his back, were able to overcome the odds by defeating the ever fading Prime Time Players. This was merely a comedy match that was pretty entertaining for the majority of it.

Match Rating: 2.5/5.


After a commercial break, The Shield came to the ring from the crowd. The group talked about how they will stand as a strong faction and will not back down to any other opponents. Sheamus, who distracted the group from the entrance way, allowed Orton to deliver an RKO to Seth Rollins.


Match No. 6: Jack Swagger vs. The Miz

Your winner via pin fall: Jack Swagger. A competitive match that saw Swagger's push by the WWE taken to a new level with a solid victory against The Miz. Swagger is looking extremely strong heading into WrestleMania.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Match No. 7: CM Punk vs. John Cena

Your winner via pin fall: John Cena. Cena and Punk displayed one of the finest matches fought in recent WWE history. There were plenty of intense moments, especially late in the match, as the audience was largely behind both Cena and Punk for their terrific performance. With the victory, Cena will go on to face The Rock at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. 

Match Rating: 5/5.