Paul Heyman and WWE's Top 10 Heel Managers of All Time

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Paul Heyman and WWE's Top 10 Heel Managers of All Time

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    A WWE superstar's path to greatness is dependent solely on how they perform. But there is no denying that a manager can seriously help a superstar's chances at stardom.

    Over the years we have seen managers from all walks of life help up-and-coming superstars, as well as veterans, find their place.

    These days, we do not see as many managers around WWE. But the ones we do have are all colorful characters with something to add.

    This slideshow will look at the top 10 heel managers of all-time and how they helped shape the careers of countless WWE superstars.

    Update: After a significant outcry from readers, I have decided to replace JJ Dillon with Paul Bearer.

10. Sunny

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    Tammy Sytch was the original WWE Diva as Sunny, and she earned a place on this list by being one of the best heel managers in WWE.

    Sunny was an ambitious, beautiful woman who was willing to use anyone to get to the top, and she did that several times throughout her career.

    Whether she was a Bodydonna with Chris Candido or she was modeling shirts on the Raw entrance ramp, she left a memorable impression on those who watched.

    These days, Sunny is in the headlines for different reasons. But she will be remembered fondly by wrestling fans as that girl we all loved to hate.

9. Harvey Wippleman

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    Harvey Wippleman has managed countless superstars both in the big leagues and the independent scene over the years.

    His best known associations from WWE would probably be Bertha Faye and the tag team Well Dunn, but he has helped dozens of superstars over the years.

    Wippleman may best be remembered for the ridiculous Tuxedo match with Howard Finkel.

8. Paul Bearer

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    Paul Bearer, real name William Moody, passed away on Tuesday. The world lost a legend.

    Bearer is someone who is known best for being the long-time manager of the Undertaker, but he has also helped out Superstars like Kane and Mankind in WWE, and numerous other wrestlers in other promotions over the years.

    I decided to add Bearer to the list after many readers felt the need to express their opinion on him not being included.

    I have personally always associated Bearer as the babyface manager of The Undertaker I grew up watching, but he is just as indluential as a heel manager.

    When these lists are created, it is a matter of opinion, but I do admit that Bearer should have been on the list from the beginning and I am willing to make the change when necessary. I hope this helps.

7. Jimmy Hart

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    "The Mouth of the South" is quite possibly the most well-known manager in the history of pro wrestling.

    During his decades-long career, Hart managed dozens of superstars and tag teams, including Hulk Hogan, The Hart Foundation, Honky Tonk Man and Jerry Lawler.

    Hart would bounce between being a heel manager and a babyface manager, and one of the main reasons he was able to do that was because of his slick mic skills.

    Hart would add an extra bit of energy into those he was managing, and his megaphone has become an iconic wrestling prop that will always be associated with him.

6. Sherri Martel

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    Sensational Sherri was an accomplished women's wrestler and manager, and one of the most memorable characters in WWE during her run.

    She managed several superstars over the years, but it was her time with Shawn Michaels that some might say defined her career.

    The strange outfits and makeup allowed her to stand out from other valets and managers, and her history as a wrestler meant she was willing to put herself in harm's way if it meant her client got the win.

5. Vickie Guerrero

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    Nobody in the history of WWE has been able to generate heat the way Vickie has, and that is something you cannot put a price on in the wrestling business.

    Edge did not need the rub from Vickie, but she generated so much heat that he ended up benefiting anyway.

    Dolph Ziggler was the recipient of her ability to garner boos for a long time, but now she is in a management position without a lot to do.

    She may not have the amount of time in the business that some of the other people on this list do, but in that short time she has proven there are few in the business who can make a crowd get as loud as she can.

4. Jim Cornette

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    The tennis racket-wielding, colorful suit-wearing, fast-talking manager is one of wrestling's most well-known mouthpieces.

    Cornette has managed superstars in almost every major wrestling organization over the years, and some of his clients are the biggest names in the business.

    As far as his time in the WWF/E is concerned, he may be best known as the man who led Yokozuna to be a World Champion.

    His ridiculous attire and inexplicable tennis racket are not what made him great, though. What made him great was his ability to work the mic.

    Superstars who did not have the promo skills necessary to get ahead often got farther than they should have because of guys like Jim Cornette.

3. Dutch Mantell

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    Zeb Colter is the most controversial character in WWE today, but Dutch Mantell has a long history in the business as a bad guy both in and out of the ring.

    His comfort level in front of thousands of screaming fans allows him to deliver scathing promos that get your attention and keep you talking.

    His newest character is one that is sure to keep him in the spotlight for quite some time, especially considering how much outside press WWE has gotten over the angle, whether good or bad.

    Many of today's legends like Undertaker, JBL and Steve Austin might not be where they are if it were not for the brain inside the head of Dutch Mantell.

2. Paul Heyman

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    Paul Heyman is arguably one of the greatest minds to ever be involved in the wrestling business, but his mind is not what gets people to boo him every Monday.

    The ability Heyman has to deliver a classic promo every time he gets the mic in his hand is something that cannot be taught or passed on. He is priceless in that way.

    CM Punk didn't need Paul Heyman, but Heyman has helped Punk in more ways than any of us will ever know.

    Brock Lesnar would not be able to garner the type of deal he has today had it not been for his days as Heyman's biggest prospect.

    Being a great booker, promoter and writer will be what helps round out Heyman's legacy, but being one of the best talkers is what will make him memorable.

    It will be a great day when it is announced that the man who made ECW into a cult phenomenon and competitor with Vince McMahon is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

1. Bobby Heenan

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    Booby "The Brain" Heenan is without a doubt, one of the greatest talkers in the history of pro wrestling.

    As a heel commentator, heel manager, or even occasional heel wrestler, Heenan was far ahead of his peers when it came to his mic skills.

    He could make any boring feud seem interesting just by being involved, and numerous superstars found success as clients of The Brain.

    His time behind the WCW commentary table helped several superstars seem better than they were because he could sell their performances with enthusiastic commentary.

    The WWE Hall of Famer is one of wrestling's greatest managers of all time...period.


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