100 Epic Sports Pictures

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100 Epic Sports Pictures
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Long before cameras captured the slide into home plate, or the towel draping the head of a quarterback who came up short, sports captivated mankind.

Me versus you. Us versus them. There is nothing more elementally human than the internal fire of competition. If there is any way to gauge a winner or loser in even the most mundane of activities, we will find a way to turn it into a contest.

So, the passion that drives us to sports—the drama that makes the narrative compelling—we are certainly not lacking in motivation to watch or participate. And, this is why the captured image...the photograph (and all its incarnations) takes the thrill of the game to level beyond our faculties.

From the moment a film of silver chloride first took light and transformed it into the duplication of a moment in time, photography became synonymous with sports.

Imagine if the only eyes to witness overtime belonged to those in the stands—photos share the experiences that become the root of legends.

In short: photography gives life to the those moments—subtle and celebrated—that make sports amazing.


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