Analyzing The WWE Draft: WWE SmackDown!

James YaegerContributor IApril 10, 2009

On April 13, it has been speculated that SmackDown will take a catastrophic hit to their roster.  Possibly their biggest star, Triple H, is expected to go to RAW.

Some think The Undertaker will follow.  In the end, no one has a complete clue as to what will happen, but I will offer my best guesses here.


Will Triple H be gone?

Unfortunately, I believe that Triple H will indeed leave the SmackDown roster.  With the continuation of his feud with Randy Orton, and the additions of Batista, The McMahons, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase Jr., it is far too outlandish to hope that Randy Orton could be moved to SmackDown rather than Triple H be moved. 

He will be off to main event on RAW, and the WWE Championship will return to its old home.


Who will be added to SmackDown?

Of the other two rosters, multiple mid-tier superstars should come to the SmackDown roster.  I would definitely look for John Morrison to come in and fight for a main event spot. 

Kane may be another move that will go under the radar.  But I believe that the biggest star to come over to the SmackDown roster will be Shawn Michaels. 

Most backstage believe that once his contract expires, he will either be gone or will have a lucrative, light-scheduled deal handed to him.  SmackDown will allow Michaels' final year of full competition to be a light one.  He will also be able to compete in the Main Event and even be able to capture a title at some point in the next year.

Christian is another star who has a distinct possibility of coming in.  Other stars on the radar include Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, and John Cena, believe it or not.


Who will be lost?

Other than Triple H, I am expecting Big Show to go to RAW and get involved with Vickie Guerrero once again.  I am looking for The Great Khali to go over to ECW. 

Expect Edge to leave for RAW as well, especially if a big name goes over to SmackDown, and look for one of the Tag Champs to head over to ECW as well.  Expect Todd Grisham's stay to be short-lived, as he will go to RAW.


My overall projections

Based on the amount of televised "picks" on last year's draft, here is the overall selections of the 2009 WWE Draft.

1. Edge from SmackDown to RAW
2. Kofi Kingston from RAW to SmackDown
3. Big Show from SmackDown to RAW
4. Shawn Michaels from RAW to SmackDown
5. Triple H from SmackDown to RAW
6. Todd Grisham from SmackDown to RAW
7. Matt Striker from ECW to SmackDown
8. Michael Cole from RAW to ECW
9. Christian from ECW to SmackDown
10. Carlito from SmackDown to ECW
11. Kane from RAW to SmackDown
12. Rey Mysterio from RAW to SmackDown

Make sure to leave some comments on the article, and I especially look forward to reading the feedback for the overall pick lineup that I have given. 

In summary, RAW will be beefed, SmackDown will be thinned, and ECW will be snubbed once again.