Bellator II Live Results

Craig JolicoeurCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

MMA HQ is on-site at the Bellator Fighting Championships II event tonight in Uncasville, CT. We will bring you live results and updates throughout the night's event.

  • Wilson Reis def. Henry Martinez via unanimous decision
  • Lyman Good def. Hector Urbina via submission in Rd. 2
  • Jorge Ortiz def. Aaron Romero via unanimous decision
  • Eric Reynolds def. Thomas Schulte via TKO in Rd. 1
  • Omar De La Cruz def. Victor Meza via unanimous decision
  • Jesse Juarez def. Mikey Gomez via strikes in Rd. 1
  • Matt Makowski def. Aaron Tregear via unanimous decision
  • Jimmie Rivera def. Willie Gates via submission in Rd. 3

Willie Gates vs. Jimmie Rivera - After a brief feeling out period, Rivera easily dominates most of round 1 on the ground. Gates doesn't have much ground defense, but is able to fend off a rear-naked choke attempt at the end of the round to be saved by the bell. Round 1: 10-9 Rivera

Rivera lands an excellent body slam to begin round two and continues to work on Gates on the ground. Some decent ground-and-pound from Rivera, while Gates is simply trying to hold on and work for a stalemate standup. Rivera ends the round with some strong strikes on the ground to easily take round two. Round 2: 10-9 Rivera

Rivera shoots in again early in round three and Gates is unable to prevent the double-leg takedown. More ground-and-pound from the full mount as Gates continues to put up no defense. The armbar appears to be there for the taking, but Rivera isn't biting. After some positioning, Rivera roles over and secures both a triangle choke and a leg-lock at the same time. Gates has no choice but to tap out.

Aaron Tregear vs. Matt Makowski - Aaron Tregear has a huge "Trig" tattoo on his back; we'll see how that works out for him. Both guys start out throwing solid strikes and kicks, with Tregear having the definite strength advantage. Makowski begins landing several punishing body kicks to Tregear's midsection. More back and forth with no intentions of taking the fight to the ground by either fighter. Round 1: 10-9 Makowski

More striking to being round two. Makowski lands a beautiful shot that knocks Tregear to the canvas, but he recovers quickly and is able to return to his feet. Tregear then returns the favor sending Makowski to the mat, but is unable to keep him there. The two continue to box as a large mouse begins to develop under Makowski's left eye. Makowski continues to punish Tregear's midsection with kicks. Round 2: 10-9 Makowski

To begin round three, Tregear's left ribcage looks like the side of beaf Rocky used to pound on during training. Tregear is definitely wary of Makowski's kicks and has slowed down his striking as a result. Makowski has begin attacking Tregear's legs as well as his ribs and is keeping Tregear completely off balance. Tregear very likely has a broken rib as the fight comes to a close. Round 3: 10-9 Makowski

All three judges score the fight 29-28 Makowski.

Mikey Gomez vs. Jesse Juarez - Gomez refused to touch gloves at the start of the round and Juarez quickly takes him down as punishment. Gomez is briefly able to work back to his feet, but Juarez muscles him back to the ground. Not much action on the ground as Juarez isn't able to posture up and out of Gomez's guard. Gomez keeps trying to work an armlock from the bottom, but doesn't appear to have the flexibility in his legs to pull it off. After a brief attack, Jaurez is able to take Gomez's back and pound away with strikes. Gomez covers up and referee Kevin Mulhall calls a stop to the fight.

Oscar De La Cruz vs. Victor Meza - Meza and De La Cruz kick off the first round of the welterweight tournament action. Meza throws some quick strikes but quickly falls down and lands in Cruz's mount. Meza is able to work out of the position and reverse into Cruz's full guard. Cruz nearly secures an armbar but is picked up and dropped on his head for his efforts losing the hold. Cruz take Meza's back and works for a choke but Meza defends well and is able to reverse. An action-packed first round comes to an end with Cruz on top. Round 1: 10-9 Oscar De La Cruz

The fighters clinch to begin round two. Meza loses his footing and falls to the mat where Cruz takes his back. Despite repeated attempts, Cruz is unable to lock in a rear-naked choke. More rolling and positioning on the ground, with no strikes being thrown. A very slow round ends with referee Dan Miragliotta penalizing Meza one point for continually grabbing Cruz's gloves. Round 2: 10-8 Cruz

Meza very nearly needs Cruz in the head on the ground, but Miragliotta says the knee his Cruz's shoulder. Not thirty seconds later Meza throws another knee that this time connects to a downed Cruz's head. "Big" Dan pauses the fight giving Cruz time to recover and deducted another point from Meza for the illegal blow. When the action resumes, Meza lands a hook that sends Cruz to the mat, but Cruz quickly recovers and rolls over into Meza's guard. After more stalemate action on the ground, Miragliotta stands the fighters back up, only to see Cruz immediately take the fight back to the ground. Round 3: 10-8 Cruz

The judges score the fight 30-24 (twice), 30-25 for Cruz.

Eric Reynolds vs. Thomas Schulte - Reynolds and Schulte briefly exchange strikes and then take the fight to the ground where Schulte works from the guard. Reynolds narrowly escapes and armbar and returns to the feet before taking Schulte back to the ground. Schulte's grappling is clearly better than Reynolds as he attempts a variety of submissions including several kimura's and a triangle choke. Reynolds is able to posture up and drop Schulte on his head and land several solid strikes from the top. Reynolds narrowly escapes a deep armbar attempt from Schulte and stands up. An overhand right drops Schulte to the mat as he turtle's up. Mulhall steps in and stops Reynold's blow to end the fight by strikes. Nice win by Reynold's who appeared to barely escape defeat on several occassions.

Aaron Romero vs. Jorge Ortiz - Romero comes out with a flurry of strikes and kicks but Ortiz weathers the storm without taking much damage. Ortiz uses the cage as leverage and takes Romero too the ground and immediately gains mount and starts unloading strikes. Romero is able to tie Ortiz up and work back to his feet as both fighters swing for the fences. Romero tries a flying knee but eats several strikes in the process and ends up with a bloodied right eye. Ortiz is smartly working his left hook trying to open Romero's cut even more. A close round ends on the feet with Ortiz pushing the action. Round 1: 10-9 Ortiz

Romero comes out with a vengeance to begin round two and throws some heavy bombs pushing Ortiz back up against the cage. Ortiz hangs tough and works out of the jam and lands a few solid shots of his own. Both fighters go back and forth for the next few minutes with Romero being slightly more aggressive in attack. By the end of the round Ortiz has a cut opened up on his left eye. Round 2: 10-9 Romero

Romero shows another burst of energy to begin round three, but lands an accidental kick to Ortiz's groin that drops Ortiz to the mat in obvious pain. Referee Kevin Mulhall pauses the fight giving Ortiz time to recuperate. Ortiz gives the green light and the action resumes. Both fighters continue to circle and throw a few jabs and hooks, but nothing solid is landing for either man. The pace of the fight has slowed considerably, but Ortiz seems to be scoring more points with his jab. Romero gives one last bum-rush to end the fight, but it might not be enough. Round 3: 10-9 Ortiz

The judges score the fight 30-27 (twice), 29-28 for Ortiz.

Hector Urbina vs. Lyman Good - Lyman Good clearly has the hometown crowd advantage in the arena tonight. Both fighters clinch along the cage and Urbina attempts to pull guard and drag Good to the ground. Good is able to get back to his feet and subsequently delivers an accidently knee to Urbina's groin. After a quick run around the cage, Urbina acknowledges he is able to continue and the fight resumes action. After some brief standup, Good takes Urbina to the ground with a single-leg takedown and works out of half-guard. Lyman is unable to improve his position and eventually Urbina is able to work back into full guard. Round 1: Lyman Good

Good beings round two with a beautiful head kick that staggers Urbina briefly. Good senses blood and works a clinch and subsequent takedown into Urbina's half-guard. Good lands a bit of ground and pound, but Urbina manages to reverse the position briefly and roll onto Good's back. Good is having none of it though and deftly rolls over and takes Urbina's back. A rear-naked choke is quickly locked in forcing Urbina to tap much to the crowd's delight.

Henry Martinez vs. Wilson Reis - Henry Martinez lands a big takedown slam on Reis but is unable to keep him down and Reis easily reverses and presses Martinez up against the cage before standing back up. Martinez hangs tough in the clinch and lands several successful knees to Reis' midsection. Reis hand speed is impressive but he hasn't been able to land a solid strike yet. Reis telegraphs an attempt at a flying knee and Martinez deftly lands a double-leg takedown as a result. The BJJ master doesn't stay on the bottom for long however, and quickly rolls and takes Martinez's back. Martinez successfully rides out the final 50 seconds without falling prey to a submission. Round 1: 10-9 Martinez

Reis shoots from way too far out and Martinez easily stuffs the takedown attempt and ends up in an awkward position on top of Reis. Reis is able to easily work his positions and get full side control, but is unable to do much on the ground. Surprisingly, Martinez willingly falls back into Reis guard and Reis quickly begins to have his way on the ground again taking Martinez's back. After a bit of grappling, Reis rolls Martinez over into the full mount, only to transition to Martinez's back once again. The second round ends like the first with Reis riding Martinez's back. Round 2: 10-9 Reis

At the start of the third round, both fighters seem content to stand and trade strikes for a change. Reis tries another takedown from a distance and ends in Martinez's guard this time. Reis takes a full two minutes to get the full mount and roll onto Martinez's back once again. Reis tries to soften Martinez up with some strikes to the head, but is still unable to lock in any kind of choke. The Greg Jackson pupil manages to escape the fight without being submitted by Reis, but most likely didn't score enough points to win. Round 3: 10-9 Reis

The judges score the fight 30-27 (twice), 29-38 for Reis.