What To Do about Isiah Thomas and the Knicks

David ChuCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2008

Isiah Thomas came to the Knicks with a promise: To take us back to the championship.

Has he done it?

Not quite.

Things have gone from bad to worse this season with the Zach Randolph experiment. The question is, why does he keep getting the same players? Or rather, the same type of players. His two big men (Zach and Eddy Curry) have no shot blocking ability, Eddy can't rebound for his life, and both don't know when to pass out of double teams.

Does James Dolan still want to entrust Isiah with handling the highly talented upcoming draft? Does James Dolan even know the kind of talent that's available?

Knicks fans can at least be a little happy that we just got Donnie Walsh from the Pacers. To a certain extent he knows talent, but then again, look at the Pacers roster right now. They're almost looking just as bad as we are with a bunch of overpaid players and a couple of decent young guys.

This offseason is going to be very important for the Knicks, and I'm not feeling too confident with Isiah still in control. It's going to be interesting to see what James Dolan does about Isiah and his role with the team, because he already said publicly that he wants Isiah to stay with the team in some kind of role.

If it were someone else to be hired other than Donnie Walsh, I think that Isiah would have a tough time staying in New York, since Isiah and Donnie have a decent relationship (Donnie gave him the opportunity to coach in Indiana). 

So for all those Knick fans out there, don't feel like this is a never-ending pain of never contending for anything. With Derick Rose, Eric Gordon, Michael Beasley, and even Brook Lopez out in the draft, we have the chances to build with someone and improve from there. That's if Isiah doesn't decide to trade the draft pick and some other players for Jermaine O'neal (God no...).