WWE News: Release Date Revealed for Top 25 Greatest Rivalries DVD

Adrian FylonenkoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 23, 2013


The WWE's newest DVD, WWE Presents: The Top 25 Rivalries In Wrestling History, will hit stores in the United States on May 28, 2013. It will also be available in Australia/Europe in June.

WWEDVDNews  has released the synopsis for the upcoming DVD:

WWE Superstars clash year-round with championships, glory, and personal pride on the line. But only 25 rivalries can be considered the greatest in sports entertainment history. Now for the first time ever, WWE counts down the most intense rivalries of all time. With each segment narrated by a different WWE or mainstream personality, each rivalry takes on a life of its own as WWE fans get an inside, never-before-seen perspective on their favorite showdowns. From the grudges born from equal pursuit of a common goal to those where the animosity crosses personal boundaries, all the timeless conflicts in the history of WWE, WCW, NWA, ECW and more are presented. Featuring Cena vs Edge, Stone Cold vs Mr McMahon, Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat and many more, this controversial countdown is sure to be dissected and debated by fans of all eras. Plus, special features include over 5 hours of bonus matches highlighting the rivalries presented in the countdown.

One of the best things about this DVD is that it doesn't just cover the greatest WWE rivalries, but it also includes the most intriguing rivalries from NWA, WCW and ECW.

Imagine reliving the most intense feuds from when you were growing up.

For me, it was The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mr. McMahon, The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian and many other feuds throughout the infamous Attitude Era.

From start to finish, multiple WWE Superstars and mainstream personalities will give us their take on the most memorable rivalries that are listed in the Top 25 countdown.

The WWE is responsible for releasing multiple No.1-selling sports entertainment DVDs, such as The Epic Journey of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and CM Punk: Best in the World

What this means is that the WWE has a great track record for producing high quality, top-notch DVDs.

Expect this DVD to be no different.

As stated in the synopsis, not only will you be able to watch the Top 25 countdown, but the DVD's special features section includes over five hours of bonus matches. Of course, these matches highlight the rivalries listed in the countdown.

If you are a true wrestling fan, WWE Presents: The Top 25 Rivalries In Wrestling History should be inducted into your professional wrestling DVD collection.

Are you excited for the new DVD? Which rivalries do you think will be featured? Which rivalry will be No. 1? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box below!


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