NCAA Recruiting Guidlines Have Gone to The Extreme

Jonathan WeberContributor IApril 10, 2009

DETROIT - APRIL 06:  A Michigan State Spartans player holds up a finger against the North Carolina Tar Heels during the 2009 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball National Championship game at Ford Field on April 6, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

How far will the NCAA hand stretch?

College students who decide to use Facebook in an attempt to lure recruits are having their First Amendment rights revoked. Taylor Moseley, a student attending N.C. State, started a Facebook group to reach out to the #1 recruit in the nation. The group was named "John Wall PLEASE come to NC STATE!!!!" as reported by

Moseley received threats to “cease and desist” from the University.

It is absurd how far the NCAA will go. Imposing regulations prohibiting gifts of monetary value to recruits is understandable. Imposing regulations for enrolled students to show pride and wanting their athletic program to succeed by starting a Facebook group to lure top recruits onto campus is one step away from the loony bin. Is a top recruit really going to be swayed by a Facebook group when national media conglomerates provide press coverage on athletic programs?

What’s next NCAA? Fans won’t be able to wear clothing illustrating the school because supports the program? Schools won’t be able to use program prestige as a recruiting method (you can play on the same court as Bill Russell)? The NCAA is going to implement a draft where the worst schools to choose their recruit first (John Wall to NJIT, Xavier Henry to South Florida…Joe Blow to UNC)? The list could go on and on to even the playing field so all schools have an equal opportunity to sign the top recruits.

Why doesn’t the NCAA investigate the recruitment (or lack there of) of OJ Mayo by USC instead of harassing eighteen to twenty-one year olds.

NCAA get a grip.

John Wall PLEASE come to UConn!!!!