WWE's "Superstars" to Take on TNA's "IMPACT!" in The New Thursday Night Wars

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2009

This Thursday WWE is launching what will be their fourth weekly television show set to air on WGN America.  When I heard this I was really surprised and now I’m interested to see what type of effect this will have on, not only the WWE, but TNA’s weekly show, IMPACT!, which also airs every Thursday night.

The one hour show will air against Impact’s second hour and promises to showcase talent from all three brands and matches we might not usually see. Like John Morrison in a match with Triple H, or maybe Chris Jericho facing The Brian Kendrick. No back stories just wrestling competition at its finest.

The concept has always been cool to me, because it takes away the storyline aspect and all that’s left is what happens in the ring. No complicated story to try and keep up with, just flat out wrestling. Sometimes I just want to watch a wrestling match without having to keep up with a story.

If Superstars does end up being a success then this could spell trouble for TNA, who have been experiencing a slow increase in ratings lately. TNA has had enough trouble getting viewers without having competition and we may be seeing the beginnings of a “Thursday Night Mini-War”.

This has to be TNA’s worst nightmare come true and despite having great talents and name draws there is no doubt that WWE’s new program will have a negative effect on IMPACT!

This is the first time that two wrestling promotion's programs will air at the same time weekly since WCW’s Monday Night Nitro and WWE”s Monday Night Raw aired simultaneously back in the 90s and early 2000s.

Although Superstars will probably not get high ratings, unless big names appear regularly, it will attract viewers who only watch IMPACT! To fill the wrestling appetite, but still favor WWE programming to TNA.

Is this WWE’s attempt to slow the success of TNA? I doubt it, but it will have an "impact” on IMPACT! nonetheless. (Sorry for the pun)

It may not be the Monday Night Wars, but it will still be interesting to see how the new WWE show will effect TNA”s flagship programming that is just now building up speed after four years of being on the air.

On the other hand, what if TNA’s show causes WWE’s Superstars to be a failure?  Sure maybe WWE is the more notable wrestling company, but TNA’s loyal fans might not be so hasty to switch channels to tune into the new WWE program.

Whichever company suffers from the other’s presence it is an interesting development in TNA and WWE’s relationship.  Up until now the two companies have been doing a good job of not stepping on each other’s toes, but that no longer seems to be the case.

I hope that the two companies try to make their Thursday night shows better due to the others precence. That would make the true winners of “The New Thursday Night Wars” the wrestling fans.