St. Louis Rams 2009 Mock Draft

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIApril 10, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - 2008:  Steve Spagnuolo of the New York Giants poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Getty Images)

One thing that needs to be understood about the NFL Draft is this: First Round doesn't mean first class. It's actually less than 50 percent you'll get an elite player from the first round, so don't place all your bets there

Also, the intial needs may be met elsewhere, not just the draft itself.

Enjoy to all Rams fans and others who are curious:


1. (Pick Two) Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest

Yes, folks, Rams go defense, we got Chris Long, but it's never enough.

Plus, what is Steve Spagnuolo going to form? A rush happy offense and a strong defense I would assume.


2. (Pick 35) William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

Yeah, he's no Jason or Andre Smith, but I believe this guy has some value for the future.


3. (Pick 66) James Casey, TE, Rice

The Rams haven't had a consistent TE since Ernie Conwell, and Conwell lasted two seasons for us. We need more offensive weapons and I know conventional wisdom would point to drafting a WR, but a TE is just as important.


4. (Pick 103) Cary Harris, CB/FS, USC

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, but I have a very good feeling about this guy, and I fear he might not be available by the time the Rams are on the clock in the fifth round, which is 57 spots later.


5. (Pick 160) Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia

I've heard the bust label printed, but again, I'm going on faith. The draft has shown us, time and time again, overlooked players don't always equate to bad play. He should be available at this spot, and I would like Rams to take a chance on him.


6. (Pick 196) Nathan Brown, Central Arkansas

Just so we can sooner forget about Marc Bulger, Kyle Boller should be a decent backup, and I have faith in Brock Berlin, but a speedy young QB would be nice to have in reserve, no? If he's still available, of course.


7. ( Pick 211)

Ah, the last pick, any Tom Bradies or Terrell Davises??

This is pretty low at No. 211, but I'd select a RB here.

Actually, a FB.

Brock Bolen, FB, Louisville

He can be made into a RB if the Rams choose, also, he'll probably still be available and I see no good RB left.