UFC 157: Memorable Quotes and Images from Rousey vs. Carmouche Fight Card

Joe Chacon@JoeChaconContributor IIIFebruary 24, 2013

UFC 157: Memorable Quotes and Images from Rousey vs. Carmouche Fight Card

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    The women delivered for UFC 157.

    Over 15,000 fans witnessed UFC history on Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., as Ronda Rousey earned her seventh consecutive first-round win via armbar.

    Rousey showed her strength as Liz Carmouche almost pulled off one of the greatest upsets in the history of the UFC when she cranked the face of Ronda Rousey early on in the first round of their fight.

    The night also featured impressive wins for Urijah Faber, Court McGee and Robbie Lawler, among others. An early Fight of the Year contender emerged with the amazing exchange of blows between Dennis Bermudez and Matt Grice.

    When it was all said and done, there were 24 fighters who stepped foot into the Octagon for UFC 157, and many of those fights had the crowd amped.

    Let's take a look at the most memorable quotes and images from UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche.



    All quotes provided to Bleacher Report by the UFC.

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Yuri Villefort

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    Nah-Shon Burrell and Yuri Villefort started off the historic UFC 157 fight card with a very entertaining fight.

    Burrell, who missed weight, landed punishing combinations to the bloodied face of Villefort. Although it was the UFC debut for both fighters, one would think even the loser in this one will get another shot to come back.

    "Coming into the UFC from Strikeforce, I had to win. I made a mistake at the weigh-in, I took the fight at short notice and made mistakes cutting weight, but I was determined to get the win no matter what," Burrell said following the fight.

    Burrell didn't hold back when explaining his emotions as he headed to the Octagon.

    "When you see that UFC Octagon in front of you walking out, it hits you, but I went out and fought my heart out," Burrell said.

    Although Burrell won the decision without controversy, it certainly wasn't easy.

    "He was close a couple of times with his submissions, but I wasn't going to lose this," Burrell explained. "Now it is over and I am so relieved."

Neil Magny vs. Jon Manley

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    The second "Facebook fight" of the evening featured another pair of fighters making their UFC debuts as Neil Magny took on Jon Manley. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as exciting as the first fight.

    It didn't take long for fans in Anaheim to boo this fight, but they kept it together longer than any Las Vegas crowd has lately.

    For Magny, it may have simply been a case of nerves.

    "The UFC jitters are for real! I was really anxious walking out. Being on TUF is one thing, but there's nothing that prepares you for walking out to a big arena like that," Magny said following his fight. "My team had tried to warn me about getting nervous when I walked out to the Octagon, but nothing gets you ready for that."

    Magny came out victorious but didn't really feel comfortable until he landed that first punch.

    "I was like, oh, I know this, this is familiar, and I got into it. Then it was just another fight," Magny explained. "He tried to press me up against the fence a lot, but I got my striking going and that got me the win."

Kenny Robertson vs. Brock Jardine

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    Kenny Robertson vs. Brock Jardine wasn't what the camp of The Pit Elevated was looking for.

    Robertson was taken down early in the fight, but soon found a way to win the fight.

    "Sometime you gotta go with what you are handed," Robertson said following his fight. "He was on top of me but didn't have a great posture. I saw the opening, so I grabbed his leg and hyper-extended it and he verbally submitted."

    How Robertson won wasn't important. He was just happy to get into the UFC win column.

    "I'll take it. It is a first-round win in the UFC."

Sam Stout vs. Caros Fodor

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    Caros Fodor came out looking to put the pressure on Sam Stout, and the game plan just about worked. Unfortunately for Fodor, his UFC debut is marked with a split-decision loss.

    "I thought I won Rounds 2 and 3. I tried my best," Fodor said. "I caught him with some big shots, but he's tough. It was very close, I don't feel robbed. I don't think I could have tried any harder; I went for the finish with every strike."

    For Stout, like most fighters, he doesn't like the feeling of it going to the judges.

    "It was a tough, hard three rounds and you never know when you are in there what the judges are looking for, or what they are seeing in there," said Stout. "I've been training BJJ for 10 years but never show it, and I wanted to show that I'm a total MMA fighter. It was a tough fight and I thought I won Rounds 2 and 3."

    Both Stout and Fodor figure to be around for a while longer. Stout now has eight UFC wins and Fodor pushed the kind of pace that Dana White and the UFC like to see.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice

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    The fifth fight of the evening became an early favorite for Fight of the Year. Dennis Bermudez and Matt Grice put on a violent fight that brought the Honda Center crowd to their feet.

    Bermudez summed up the fight nicely by saying, "That was insane." He continued, "Somewhere around the second round, I woke up and thought "Oh, I'm in a fight, I think I am in California somewhere." If he'd given me a reason, maybe I would have quit."

    Bermudez, who now holds a 3-1 UFC record, was dropped early in the fight, only to get up and appear to have nearly knocked out Grice on a few occasions. "I had him badly hurt, but he just kept throwing big hooks as if I hadn't spent the last 30 seconds beating on him. He's crazy."

    The appreciation from the crowd was noted by Bermudez.

    "The crowd was going nuts but all I could think was 'Please, please go down and stay down!' That was an honor to fight that guy."

    Grice, although he lost, had nothing but respect for his opponent.

    "You get to know someone really well in a fight like that and I've got so much respect for Dennis as a person and a fighter after that. I hit him so hard," Grice recalled. "I thank God he blessed me with a hard head, but looks like he blessed Dennis with a hard head, too."

    What about a rematch?

    "I think the fans are going to remember that fight and, maybe, they will get to see it again someday."

Michael Chiesa vs. Anton Kuivanen

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    Fan favorite Michael Chiesa made his post-TUF debut against Anton Kuivanen.

    Kuivanen landed some significant shots to the head of Chiesa early on, but the expert ground game of Chiesa was the deciding factor and he was able to come away with the submission win.

    'We knew he'd go for the KO early and then we'd take over in the second and that's what happened. Everyone has a 'go to' move, and I'm just good at taking backs and then choking guys out," Chiesa said.

    Chiesa believes he has as much chance at working his way to the title as anybody else.

    "If you are in the UFC and belong here, you want the title. I'm here to win the title and next I want to fight anyone who gets me closer to that goal."

Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson

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    In what was supposed to be a one-round slugfest, it turned into a three-round desperation attempt for Brendan Schaub to keep his spot on the UFC roster.

    Fortunately for Schaub, the unanimous-decision victory over Johnson appears to have done just that.

    "I had to win tonight. The last two fights I lost, I fought with my guts rather than my brains, but tonight I needed to win this, so I used my brain."

    Schaub now holds a 5-3 UFC record with the win, but he admits it wasn't what the fans wanted.

    "At one point [Johnson] was talking to me on the ground, saying 'Come on, dog, let's stand and give the fans a show' and I said, 'Sorry, bro, I gotta win this fight,' and he said, 'I hear ya.'"

    Let's hope this isn't the future of MMA as more and more fighters become fearful of losing their spot on the UFC roster.

Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler

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    "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler had last fought in the UFC in 2004, but he looked right at home with the early TKO over Josh Koscheck.

    If there was anybody surprised by the quick TKO, it wasn't Lawler.

    "I felt so good tonight; I'm not surprised it went that way," Lawler said. "It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either. I hit him very hard, the referee was right to stop it."

    Although Lawler just made his return to the UFC, he's not looking to take the slow climb up the 170 ladder.

    "There's a lot of great 170-pound fighters here in the best organization in the world, and I will fight 'em all one at a time. I don't care who is next; just gimme a call and I will be ready."

    Koscheck is now 2-2 over his last four fights and will need to show flashes of his former self should he have another fight within the UFC. With the way roster cuts have been going lately, you just never know.

Court McGee vs. Josh Neer

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    Both Court McGee and Josh Neer entered their fight on Saturday night on two-fight losing streaks. A third loss and either fighter could be looking at their walking papers.

    For McGee, it was a dominating performance that displayed his full array of weapons: a solid striking game, controlling ground presence and a tough chin.

    As far as the move down to 170 pounds, McGee has nothing but great things to say about it.

    "I felt great at 170 pounds. This was a great move for me," McGee said. "I felt stronger, faster and had a lot more gas. I was told by FightMetric that I broke the record for most significant strikes ever in a welterweight fight and feel great. I could have stopped it, maybe, early with body shots but I was glad I put on a good performance."

    McGee looks to be on the rise once again. For Neer, however, he has now lost five of his last seven UFC fights.

Urijah Faber vs. Ivan Menjivar

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    One of the most common questions we had about Urijah Faber before he came into Saturday night's fight against Ivan Menjivar was, "Which Faber would show up?"

    The answer was the explosive, dominating Faber.

    Faber used his speed to scale the back of Menjivar and submit him in the very first round.

    "That was a good, solid win over a very good opponent who a lot of hardcore fans know is one of the best I the world," said a very happy Faber. "I got nothing but respect for that guy."

    Does this put Faber back in the mix for a title shot?

    "Of course I want the title. I still think I will get the UFC belt, and tonight was about proving that's still in my future. Do I deserve the title shot next? That word 'deserve' keeps getting thrown around, but you deserve whatever you get in this sport. All I know is that I had something to prove tonight, and I'm ready to keep on proving it until I get back up there."

Lyoto Machida vs. Dan Henderson

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    Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida figured to be a fight of stylistic differences. Machida's footwork against Henderson's power.

    Machida's footwork won.

    It wasn't the most exciting fight, to put it mildly, but we shouldn't have expected Machida to sit in the pocket and let Henderson tee off on him.

    Even though the judges scored the fight for Machida, Henderson thought differently.

    "I won the fight, but not officially. I hit him whenever he wanted to fight. He ran away most of the time. I thought I won," Henderson stated.

    Machida was aware of all the boos coming down from the 15,000-plus fans at the Honda Center.

    "I'm sorry the fight wasn't as good as the fans wanted," said Machida. "My strategy was to keep away from the right hand and to keep the fight standing up. I thought I won the fight because I frustrated him and kept the fight where I wanted it."

    Machida looks to face the winner of Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones.

    "I hope I am now the No. 1 contender. I want a title shot."

Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche

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    The pinnacle of UFC 157 didn't disappoint as Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche put on an action-packed round for the fans.

    Rousey, as expected, won via armbar in the first round, but the way she overcame adversity really solidified her reputation as a fighter amongst the MMA community.

    "That was the most vulnerable a position I've been in so far in my career. That was pretty tight, that neck crank, and I was very happy to get out of it," Rousey said following the fight. "She had the choke across my mouth and the angle pushed my mouth-guard out of my mouth.

    "Her forearm was pushing against my teeth, and that can't have been any more fun for her than it was for me...crazy sport we're in, huh?"

    Rousey said her nerves weren't as bad as she thought they were going to be.

    "I was actually less nervous walking out than I was for some of my earlier fights. I felt like the UFC champion and I know how hard I am working. This was a wild ride and I can't wait to get back in the Octagon."

    Carmouche gave Rousey everything she could handle and looked to be on the verge of pulling off the huge upset. 

    "It was an honor to fight here tonight," Carmouche said. "I thought I had her for a minute there, but she's the champion for a reason. I had that neck crank very tight, but I had the choke across her mouth and couldn't get it to her neck. I actually have her teeth marks all over my arm. Sorry, Ronda, I didn't mean to do that!"

    Carmouche knows she will be back in the spotlight.

    "This isn't the highlight of my career. So far, maybe, but the highlight is going to be when I win some fights in the UFC and come back for the title."

    UFC 157 goes down as one of the most significant and successful events in the history of the promotion.