Why the Vikings Need To Fire Brad Childress Now

Adrian MossCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

Brad Childress is a moron.

There have been numerous rumors pertaining to the Vikings and Childress this season.

The three most notable situations that irritate me are as follows:

  • The Vikings reportedly could have had Jay Cutler, but the coaching staff was not “sold on him”. By the coaching staff this means Childress because he ultimately has the final say amongst the coaches. Instead of grabbing Cutler Chilly decided to roll with two quarterbacks who would not be starters anywhere else in the league and cannot win now.
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh reportedly didn’t want to come to the Vikings because he didn’t believe in our cracker jack quarterbacks. Who got us our sub par quarterbacks? Chilly!
  • Long-time Viking Pro Bowler and fan favorite Matt Birk basically came out and said Brad Childress is the reason he left.

The real reason the Vikings need to fire Brad Childress immediately is Adrian Peterson. AP is an all-world running back but playing with the average to below average quarterbacks surrounding him his career is getting shorter and shorter at a rate faster then it should.

People seem to think AP is a god and they fail to realize is that his ability to play at this level is likely at least 40 percent done, this means he has three potentially great seasons left in him, at best.

Take a quick look at a couple of running backs who for a time were considered the best in the league:

  • Terrell Davis—three awesome seasons
  • Shaun Alexander—two great seasons and two solid seasons

These are just two that come to mind and although I believe AP is a better running back then both, he takes contact much the way Davis and Alexander did.

Keep in mind both of these players also played with much better quarterbacks then we have and therefore defenses had to respect the pass and could not constantly load eight and nine guys in the box like they do against the Vikings.

There are definitely exceptions to the running back “longevity rule". Maybe someone like Emmitt Smith pops into your head, but when they do look at the supporting cast around them. Smith had a supporting cast on the offensive side of the ball, which included Hall of Famers at the quarterback and wide receiver positions.

The only running back in recent memory that played on an offense possibly as bad as the Vikings and had a relatively long career is Barry Sanders. A big part of the reason Sanders was able to play as long as he did was because he was very good at avoiding the big hit whereas AP seems to welcome contact.

More hits equals shorter career, which means the Vikings need a quarterback who can win now.

If Childress wasn’t a moron he would have made the trade for Cutler. Bringing in Cutler would have extended AP’s career for at least a couple of years as defenses would have been forced to respect the pass.

It also makes them an immediate Super Bowl contender. Even Jeff Garcia would have been a short-term solution and given the Vikings a legitimate shot at making a deep run into the playoffs for the next year or so.

By not pulling the trigger for Cutler, Childress is indirectly involved in sending Cutler to the Chicago Bears which means he helped one of our biggest rivals get better while doing nothing what-so-ever to improve the team that pays his salary.

Enjoy Adrian Peterson while you can. Just know that as long as Childress is running the show his career is getting shorter and shorter at a rate faster then it should be.

I sometimes wonder if Childress has a screw lose upstairs. Can he not see that he is done after this season if he doesn’t take the Vikings deep into the playoffs?

What has he done to secure his own future with the Vikings? Even if he truly believes Jackson and/or Rosenfels can eventually turn into quality quarterbacks he doesn’t have the time to wait and see if that becomes a reality.

Signing Cutler or Garcia would have at least given him the possibility of getting a new deal. But as it is now I would bet everything I own that he is not our coach when the 2010 season starts.

I just wish Zigi Wilf would buy him out now so we could get a coach with a brain and get a decent quarterback.