Miller and Livengood Discuss Arizona's Future

Alan RubensteinAnalyst IIIApril 10, 2009

The five month long wait for Lute Olson's permanent successor ended Tuesday when Sean Miller was formally given the keys to the Arizona Basketball program. 

Miller discussed his preferred style of play, the importance of treating players right, how Arizona's tradition ultimately led to his decision to take over as Head Coach and the importance of keeping Lute Olson involved in the program.

Athletic Director Jim Livengood shared the stage with Miller as they answered questions in a nearly hour long press conference. 

Here are Miller's and Livengood's answers from the press conference to questions ranging from Arizona basketball, leaving Xavier, succeeding Olson and his relationship with other coaches and players.


Miller reportedly has agreed to a seven year $18 million deal.  As per Arizona state laws, he can only sign a five year contract.  Livengood said they are working with the Arizona board of regents to have his contract extended two years in 2011. 

Livengood was asked if the extra two years was a verbal agreement handshake deal between himself and Miller.  He responded that its all a handshake deal until the board of regents approve everything.

On Leaving Xavier and Whether or Not He Changed His Mind

Miller has made it clear that leaving Xavier was a difficult decision.  About the decision, Miller said   "I don’t know if I ever completely said no or completely said yes." He went on to say he wasn't necessarily changing his mind as much as making sure.  

Livengood on the process of hiring a Coach