Wild Wolverine: Weekly Wolverine Discussions No.4

David MendenhallCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 27: Steven Threet #10 of the Michigan Wolverines gets ready to throw a fourth quarter pass trailing the Wisconsin Badgers but the Wolverines rallied for a 27-25 win on September 27, 2008 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Hello again, I am doing my questions today because I know a lot of people will be busy tomorrow with the spring game. I have been very impressed with the team so far in spring. I have seen a lot of improvement from last years practices. So, I hope every one enjoys the game tomorrow, and if you can't go, they will be having live video on MGOBLUE.com. So here we go with this weeks questions. Also, for those who havn't seen the Michigan pre-Spring game video, here it is.  http://www.mgoblue.com/Multimedia/MultimediaCenter.aspx?id=172826&categoryId=81876

1) Do you miss seeing the No.1 jersey out on the field?

2) Do you have any superstitions on Saturday's during the season (wear a certain jersey, etc)?

3) Do you think we will get any commits this weekend?

4) How do you think Justin Turner is going to do this year/what position do you see him playing?


My answers -

1) I really miss seeing the No.1 jersey out there. The player that wore that jersey was the best wideout we had. I really hope RR will bring back the No.1 jersey.

2) I wake up early and watch College Game Day, put on my maize #1 jersey, and wear my lucky Michigan hat that I have had since I was ten. I will have to get a new hat though, because it got pretty beat up last year.

3) I hope we get at least three commits this weekend. I know they are going to be some big time recruits in AA this weekend. I know that CJ Olaniyan said there is a possibility that he could commit this weekend. Marvin Robinson's coach is still getting in the way of him committing, so I do not think he will commit this weekend. I do think Marvin will commit after his season is over. Other than that, I hope we can pull some guys in this weekend. Stephan Hopkins is another commit that I think we can pick up. I don't know about this weekend, but I think we will get him.

4) I see JT playing safety, but I think he will eventually move to corner. I think he will contribute a lot this year. I think he can be a great playmaker in the secondary. But, like all freshman, he will make his mistake, but I think by the Iowa game, he will be a starter. I look for him to be a special kid.

Well I hope everyone enjoys this weekend, and has a great week. GO BLUE!!