Allen Iverson Era Comes to an End: What Went Wrong?

Omari Sankofa IIContributor IApril 5, 2017

The day Chauncey Billups was traded for Allen Iverson, I felt bewildered.

Not Happy.

Not Sad.

Not Even Angry.

Just Confused.

Knowing that I would never see Mr. Big Shot in a Pistons Jersey again seemed odd. After all, he WAS the leader of the pack!

There was something about Iverson playing for the Pistons that did not seem to click. I knew his ego could be too much for the team, but it did not seem likely.

The nagging questions were: How will Iverson fit in? Will he fill the mold that Chauncey left, or will his ego overwhelm the team? Will Rip manage to score without his best buddy? And most of all...

Will we win a Championship?

The first few losses were expected.

Then suddenly, the Pistons handed the Lakers there first loss of the season in a thoroughly entertaining 106-95 win, in which Iverson and Rasheed each posted 25 points.

I was ecstatic. Maybe, I thought, the trade would work after all.

After a series of up and down games, the Pistons hit the biggest moment of the season, a seven-game winning streak.

My fears were erased. Apparently, Iverson's ego would not interfere with the Piston's team pride.

I was wrong.

Here's a math equation for you to remember. 


It's true.

Pride is a double-edged sword. Alone, it brings happiness and success.

Together, it brings despair and misfortune.

Must I revisit the nightmare that followed the winning streak?

A five-game losing streak that included a spanking from the Thunder.

An eight-game losing streak that included the benching of Pistons star Rip Hamilton. It also lead to the first losing month the Pistons had suffered in 10 years.

Injury plagues.

Unnecessary drama from Iverson.

Must I go on?

Pride has one remedy, one that Joe Dumars soon discovered.

Plastic Surgery.

If you take away what you no longer desire, you will end up happier than before.

After taking away Iverson, the team is looking better and better, even protecting their playoff spot by beating the surging Bobcats by 13 points without Rip Hamilton.

On a Sunday.

The absence of Iverson also led to the emergence of an unlikely star: Will Bynum.

So, what have we learned?

Not to fix what isn't broken.

The team did not need a major re-haul.

Just a massage.

At this point, lets pray the Pistons can have a productive postseason, okay?

And remember- Pride+Pride=Shame


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