WWE WrestleMania 29: 5 Possible Opponents for Chris Jericho

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WWE WrestleMania 29: 5 Possible Opponents for Chris Jericho

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    While the main events of WWE WrestleMania 29 are still being worked out, one has to wonder where Chris Jericho fits into the plans.

    As the second entrant, Jericho made the most shocking return of anyone at WWE Royal Rumble 2013.

    Since then, it has been widely expected that Jericho would continue his feud with Ziggler from SummerSlam.

    While Ziggler and Jericho could still face one another at WrestleMania 29, the former may end up involved in the World Heavyweight title match.

    Could Ziggler’s bodyguard, Big E Langston, face Jericho at the show of shows?

    Here are five possible opponents for Chris Jericho at WWE WrestleMania 29.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler is the most obvious matchup for Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, since many fans were under the impression that this would be the title match.

    It was certainly possible.  

    Ziggler could have cashed in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase, while Jericho could have won the Elimination Chamber match.

    Although neither occurred, Jack Swagger’s recent arrest opens the door for this match once again.

    Swagger could lose his WrestleMania match to Jericho, and Ziggler could still cash in his briefcase.

    However, even if it is not for the World Heavyweight title, Ziggler and Jericho could still have a match.

    Jericho won the match at SummerSlam, while Ziggler won the following night on Raw.

    Could a WrestleMania tiebreaker match may be on the horizon?

Big E Langston

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    If Dolph Ziggler ends up in the World Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania without Chris Jericho, Big E Langston would be a suitable matchup.

    When Jericho returned to WWE in January, he reignited his feud with Ziggler.

    During a segment on the January 28 edition of Raw, Jericho made a number of hilarious jokes at Langston’s expense.

    Who wouldn’t want to hear more of Jericho making fun of Langston?

    The former NXT Superstar has yet to compete in an official match since debuting on the main roster as A.J. and Ziggler’s bodyguard.

    It would also speak volumes if WWE chooses Jericho as Langston’s first opponent.

    Like others in the past, Jericho could be useful to put Langston over.

Wade Barrett

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    Chris Jericho has had the most number of Intercontinental reigns in WWE history with nine, meanwhile Wade Barrett is trying to stay relevant as champion.

    Now that Jericho is a babyface, these two are more likely to have a match.

    Jericho was Barrett’s pro during the first season of NXT, so they certainly have a history together.

    Jericho could claim that if Barrett is a legitimate Intercontinental Champion, then he can defeat the record holder in Jericho. It seemed as though Barrett was headed towards facing NXT Superstar Bo Dallas. However, we haven’t seen Dallas recently, and even Barrett was absent from the most recent pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber.

    Jericho and Barrett would make for a very intriguing match, as the Intercontinental Champion could use someone like Jericho to put him over.

Big Show

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    The "World’s Largest Athlete" Big Show has just ended his feud with Alberto Del Rio over the World Heavyweight title.

    Who will Big Show feud with next?

    As former tag team partners and champions, Jericho and Big Show are two  remaining Superstars from the Attitude Era.

    While this match—of all the ones on this list—would have the least meaning and purpose, Jericho and Big Show continue to put on solid matches at this point in their careers.

    A WrestleMania match between the two would help solidify the card and make it look strong outside the main events.

The Shield

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    Perhaps Chris Jericho will continue to feud with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

    Where Y2J teamed with Ryback and Sheamus against The Shield, it was Jericho who was pinned in their Raw six-man tag match. This could signal that Jericho is not finished with The Shield.

    The Shield have been impressive so far in their three matches and would are another group of young Superstars for Jericho to put over.

    Jericho is one of the best talkers in WWE and would certainly challenge The Shield to be at their best. Shield member Dean Ambrose has also impressed on the mic, so watching the two in a promo matchup would be quite interesting.


    Who do you think Chris Jericho should face at WrestleMania 29? Please share your thoughts on my ideas as well as your own in the section below.


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