MLB Performances of the Week: Week One

Bret HoffmanCorrespondent IApril 10, 2009

LAKELAND, FL - FEBRUARY 21:  (EDITOR'S NOTE: IMAGES HAVE BEEN DIGITALLY DESATURATED) Miguel Cabrera #24 of the Detroit Tigers poses for a portrait during Photo Day on February 21, 2009 at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland, Florida.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Fridays at the SportSpa,, are reserved for Peformances of the Week, or POW. In these articles we will attempt to honor those players who have, in our eyes, performed exceptionally over the previous week.


1) Miguel Cabrera

I felt strongly that Cabrera would have a bounce-back season in 2009, and after the first week it's appearing that he will. He went eight-for-13 with two HR, four RBI, three BB, and three tun.

Now that's the fantasy production we want out of our first rounders! As of now, I would have to consider him my favorite to win the AL MVP.  Keep it up, Miggy.


2) Adam Lind

Lind is a guy that wasn't highly-touted in the preseason, but if he keeps this up he will be a household name come season's end. He went seven-for-16 with two HR, seven RBI, one BB, and three runs.

If you drafted this guy late, I bet you are pretty stoked right now. Let's see if he can keep it up, but I'm going with highly unlikely.

3) Joey Votto

Votto is living up to the hype thus far. He has gone seven-for-13 with two HR, seven RBI, one BB, and four runs.

If you can somehow swing a deal for this guy, I would recommend doing so, as I think he will have a very solid season. It wouldn't surprise me to see him make the All-Star team.

4) Emilio Bonifacio

I've been showing this guy love all week, but he really does deserve it. He is one-for-14 with one HR, four RBI, four SB, and six runs.

Those are some great all-around numbers, and for a guy who was unknown just a week ago, they're even more impressive. If somebody hasn't already grabbed him I would do so ASAP.

5) Robinson Cano

Cano got off to a horrible start in 2008, and the Yankees needed him to do better in 2009, especially with A-Rod out with the injury. So far Cano has produced. As of today he is six-for-11 with one HR, 3 RBI, three BB, one SB and five runs.

I know the kid is talented, but I'm just not convinced that he can keep it up over the course of a full season.


1) Francisco Rodriguez

K-Rod converted his first two save opportunities for the Mets while giving up no H, zero ER, two BB, and two K. He set the record for saves in a single season for the Halos in 2008. Bet they're missing him right about now, huh?

2) Josh Beckett

He's back! Seven innings of strong work for Josh, while giving up two hits, one ER, and striking out 10 Rays. When he's healthy, which it appears he his, he's one of the best in the game.

3) Felix Hernandez

I can't believe he's only 23! His first start of the year was a beauty. He gave up five hits, one ER and had six strikeouts over eight innings of work. Check him out Saturday against Oakland.

4) Derek Lowe

Good signing by the Braves. Lowe gave up only two hits and no ER with five strikeouts over eight solid innings of work on opening night against the defending-champion Phillies. He's scheduled to pitch tonight against the Nationals, which should mean another good outing.

5) Jonathon Broxton

Two for two on save opportunities, while giving up no hits, no ER, and striking out four. Could become an elite closer in the league very soon.