UFC 157: Ronda Rousey's Trainer Says She Is Ready for Liz Carmouche, UFC Debut

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UFC 157: Ronda Rousey's Trainer Says She Is Ready for Liz Carmouche, UFC Debut
Photo Courtesy UFC

Tonight on pay-per-view, UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche will introduce the world to "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey.  Rousey, who was crowned the inaugural UFC Women's World Bantamweight Champion in November, will have her first title defense against Liz Carmouche, a former United States Marine.

Rousey, 6-0 in her professional MMA career, will try and continue her dominance of her opponents by submitting Carmouche via armbar in the first round.  For those unfamiliar with Rousey, Rousey has won every single professional (and amateur) MMA fight by defeating her opponent in the first round via armbar.

Carmouche will have the unenviable task of trying to stop a seemingly unstoppable Rousey.  But Carmouche, 8-2 in her professional fights, is determined to end Ronda Rousey's undefeated streak and put an end to Rousey's potential superstardom in its infancy.

But Rousey, according to those closest to her, should be ready for anything Carmouche can throw at her.  Rousey has been preparing for this fight with renowned trainer Leo Frincu.  Frincu has been wrestling from an early age and has won more awards than can be counted.  Her training staff has other legendary members.  Gene LeBell, the self-declared "Grandfather of MMA" and multi-time NWA World Heavyweight champion, as well as undefeated kickboxing champion Lucia Rijker, are but a few of the top-quality people from which Rousey learns her craft.

When contacted, Leo Frincu was kind enough to give MMA fans a preview of what we can expect from Rousey.  When asked about Rousey's focus in her training, Frincu explained that "Her ultimate goal is the same since she started her MMA career: to constantly improve and to reach her best potential."

Leo Frincu Training Ronda Rousey

Frincu is confident in Rousey's ability to win this match.  He believes that people aren't respecting Rousey's abilities...yet.   He stated "the majority of people still don't give Ronda credit for where she's at in her career because they are intimidated by her.  We haven't seen a fighter of Ronda's caliber yet.  Very few people, regardless of their field, have the capacity to improve as fast as she does. It's almost impossible; however, Ronda has the mental capacity to do just that." 

Does Carmouche even stand a chance?  If Frincu has anything to say about it, the answer is no.  Frincu fully expects Rousey to end this fight as she has ended every single one of her fights to date.  Frincu believes that "as soon as she's going to make contact, the fight is going to be over shortly. I'll probably estimate the fight to last a minute and half with Ronda winning by the way of armbar."

Frincu believes that Rousey is in Carmouche's head.  And he certainly doesn't believe Carmouche stands a chance if Rousey can take the fight to the mat.  When asked if Carmouche could contend with Rousey and her wrestling ability, he responded: 

"I'm afraid I can't say it without sounding cocky but Carmouche, or any other female fighter, doesn't understand Ronda's skill level.  She's a different breed.  You cannot prepare for something you don't know exists.  Ronda's ability to concentrate and focus on her training, it's immeasurable.  Her level of self-awareness helps her experience growth in every training session.  It's actually amazing.  I personally haven't meet someone like her before.  The majority of fighters probably don't even know what I'm talking about.  My goal as her coach is to help Ronda reach her best potential in every training session."

While Rousey may be the pound-for-pound best female fighter in the world and ranked No. 1 in the female 135-pound (bantamweight) weight class, Carmouche is not far behind.  

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Carmouche is ranked No. 6 in the bantamweights.  As a former Marine, Carmouche has toughness that few women in MMA can match.  She has won eight professional matches, losing only to Sarah Kaufman via decision and to Marloes Coenen via triangle choke.  

Carmouche could pose a threat to Rousey if Rousey struggles to take the fight to the ground.  Most of Carmouche's wins come via strikes, and if Carmouche can stay upright in the fight, she's got a puncher's chance to win.  

If Leo Frincu is right, however, the moment Rousey gets her hands on Carmouche, the match is over.  And so far, Rousey has done nothing but win.  If Carmouche isn't careful, the match will be over before anyone realizes it's started.  

In spite of all the hype leading to this fight, Frincu said he'd tell Rousey just one thing before walking out to the middle of the arena: "Give your best and have a good time."  If Rousey wins, the good times will certainly roll in Anaheim, and an MMA superstar will be born.

This fight could very well be Ronda Rousey's springboard to superstar status.  Liz Carmouche will do everything she can to prevent that and establish herself, not Rousey, as the dominant woman in UFC.  Whatever happens tonight in all the other matches, Rousey vs. Carmouche is certain to make headlines.  

Will Rousey submit Carmouche in the first round via armbar?  Or will Carmouche shock the world and defeat the best female fighter on Earth?  We will find out tonight.

Photo Courtesy LeoFrincu.com

Special thanks to Ronda Rousey's trainer and wrestling champion Leo Frincu for taking time to speak with me about Ronda Rousey and UFC 157.  To learn more about Leo Frincu and his training techniques, visit his websites at www.leofrincu.com and  www.highperformancementality.com.  

An immigrant from Romania, Leo has overcome many obstacles to become a top trainer for one of the best athletes in the world.  His book, called Choosing Freedom, chronicles his personal journey from Romanian poverty to American success.

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