WWE: Miz to Continue Using Figure Four but Flair Storyline Scrapped

Joe Johnson@@JoeJohnsonREALSenior Writer IIFebruary 21, 2013

When Ric Flair returned during the Slammy Awards, nobody knew how the two-time Hall of Famer would be incorporated into the current product. It's probably safe to say that nobody would have volunteered an idea as poorly conceived as using the legendary Nature Boy to salvage an ineptly executed face turn for The Miz.

During a segment of Miz TV, Flair seemingly turned over the iconic Figure Four Leg Lock to the Miz. In his first attempt to apply the move in a match against Dolph Ziggler, Miz applied the hold incorrectly and despite Ziggler's best attempts to sell the manuever, it was clearly botched to the viewing and live audience.

Flair hasn't been seen in weeks and it doesn't appear he'll be involved in any programs moving toward Wrestlemania. 411Mania has posted a report from Wrestling Observer that the Flair-Miz storyline has been dropped, though the Miz will continue to use the hold.

411Mania: Update on Miz/Flair Storyline

This entire situation is an example of how a poorly-organized WWE Creative staff is when considering long-term story lines. Ric Flair hadn't been on WWE programming in years, not counting his appearance at the WWE Hall of Fame induction with the Four Horsemen.

Flair has the charisma and clout to change someone's career. His alignment with Triple H provided unmistakable support for both Batista and Randy Orton early in their careers as part of Evolution.

The Figure Four Leg Lock is as closely associated with Ric Flair as any other finishing move with an individual superstar. While Bret Hart is associated with the Sharpshooter, people don't bat an eye when applied by The Rock. And when CM Punk drops a top rope elbow, it's an homage to Randy Savage but an accepted part of Punk's move set. There hasn't been another person in nearly four decades that used the Figure Four as a signature spot.

Simply put, The Miz does not deserve to carry such a move into a match. On more than one occasion he's messed up when applying the move in televised matches.

He does not have the main event potential that many other members of the current roster possess that could greatly benefit from the association with Flair. Rather than trying to salvage a floundering midcarder, Flair should be utilized to cement a new star. 

Hopefully the Miz shortly phases the Figure Four out of his move set and we can all forget this blip in wrestling history.