Penn State Football: Joe Paterno's Team Falling Apart

Heather BrightCorrespondent IMarch 30, 2008

What is happening to Penn State’s football team?

As a Penn State student, I have been reading articles in the Daily Collegian about seemingly every Penn State football player engaging in everthing from underage drinking to fighting.  

When is it going to end?

Penn State should be known for its football team and its actions on the field—not for its off-field antics.

So why are these football players acting up?

There is no specific reason.  They are teens.  They are in college and trying to have a good time.  But what they do not realize is that their actions have consequences, more so than those of other college students. 

These football players are seen as entertainment figures at Penn State and are therefore going to be scrutinized by the media.

And so far, the press has given readers the impression that these athletes are bullies. Penn State football player Chris Baker felt his character was “trashed” by the media.

Not only do the football players have to deal with heavy criticism, but they have to be punished for their behavior. Many blame Joe Paterno for the players’ behavior, but the parents are also accused of contributing to their kids' poor conduct.

Paterno is not letting these antics slide. 

Since these students decided to act up, the responsibility for their actions falls to Paterno. He knows how to discipline when it comes to the football team.

Baker, Navorro Bowman, and Knowledge Timmons—players who got into fights—have been suspended from the team.  Ryan Breen and Joe Suhey—who were caught drinking underage—were also punished.

As for Austin Scott, accused of rape and assault, he has been kicked off the team.

With all of these football players getting suspended for fights, DUIs, and underage drinking, what is left of the Penn State football team? 

It feels like the team is falling apart…literally.