The Worst of the Worst Can Happen On a Baseball Field

Brian BodenContributor IApril 10, 2009

At any given moment at a baseball game, a stadium can go from ecstatic cheering to absolute silence. One of these instances occurred in the final game of the San Francisco Giants and Milwaukee Brewers series.

With 30,000 fans on their feet and two outs in the ninth inning with a 7-1 Giants lead an unfortunate event  occurred. Mike Cameron hit a screaming line drive off the forehead of Giants rookie pitcher Joe Martinez.

As Cameron hit the ball and saw it hit Martinez in the head, his face turned to a grimace of shock. After it struck him in the head, the ball ricocheted so far that it ended up out of play, so Cameron was awarded second base.

Trainers and coaches rushed to the mound as Martinez fell to the ground. After about a five-minute delay, Martinez walked off the field to a standing ovation holding a towel on the right side of his forehead.

Martinez would eventually go to St. Francis Hospital where he would get further evaluated and get a CT scan done.

Witnessing this event people don't realize how easily these things can happen at any one moment. Thankfully this does not happen very often because when the ball comes off the bat it is at such a great speed that a pitcher has less than a second to react.

However, when something like this does occur you really see how the game of baseball is put on hold and the safety of the player becomes the main importance. Most players got to a knee or put their hands on their head in disbelief because they were scared about what injury he sustained and if he was okay. 

Something like this is a definite wake up call because this can happen at any time to any player. Unfortunately, I don't really think Martinez will ever fully recover from this because in the back of his mind, he realizes that this could happen again and the result can be a lot worse.