Are Brodus Clay and Tensai a Legitimate Threat to the WWE Tag Team Division?

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistFebruary 22, 2013

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The ground is shaking, the walls are vibrating and, most importantly, the WWE Universe is abuzz with talk of a new team on the block.

Yes, in recent weeks, Brodus Clay and Tensai have certainly started to make a name for themselves.

Not since the Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) has a team of such massive size rocked the tag-team division to its core.

This is a brilliant move on the part of the creative team, as they took two stagnant wrestlers with over-the-top characters and teamed them together for what, on paper, seems like a match made in hell.

Clay, the boisterous clown, has always seemed to be popular with the fans. His dancing giant persona has made a mark on the WWE Universe in a way that few could have expected. More importantly, his work in the ring is excellent for such a large performer.

However, with the current logjam of talent, Clay has always been left out of every title picture, with barely a moment reserved for any hope of capturing any gold.

Tensai, in contrast, was brought back into the company to be a major player. He was so dominant upon his arrival that he was quickly placed in feuds with CM Punk and John Cena, whom he defeated on several occasions.

However, his momentum ended as quickly as it began, and Tensai soon found himself as a glorified enhancement talent, losing to mid-card stars like Santino Marella and Tyson Kidd.

Enter his somewhat tentative alliance with Clay. Initially opponents, the two have now forged a shaky friendship, one that Tensai seemed hesitant to embrace at the outset of the match.

But by the end of the contest, he could always be found dancing alongside Clay and his Funkadactyls.

The team have quickly run through the ranks of the tag-team division, defeating more established teams like Primo, Epico and 3MB. They continued their dominance at the Elimination Chamber with a quick victory over former championship contenders Team Rhodes Scholars.

The two now seemed poised to make a sincere run at the WWE Tag Team titles, currently held by another duo of shaky partners, Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Would the company want to take the logical next step and let the new team beat the popular champs?

It does seem as if Bryan and Kane are headed for a one-on-one showdown. So why would the company have to keep the titles around their waists?

For whatever reason, the WWE Universe has immediately gravitated towards Clay and Tensai and seem to genuinely enjoy the two as a team. But in the long run, what will the lasting impact of these two competitors be?

Most dominant, or more importantly, memorable teams have had catchy team names that announced their authority—if not their allegiances. Teams like Demolition, the Hart Foundation, the Legion of Doom and even the aforementioned Natural Disasters all had names that were not easily forgotten.

Clay and Tensai are without a clever moniker at the moment, but there is so much to work with.

How about Tons of Fun? Or maybe Monsters of Funk?

There is always Two Behemoths in Kangol Hats.

Whatever the name of the team, the common word of late has simply been dominance.

And while dancing and having a grand old time are always pleasant, one would think the whole scenario would be much sweeter if there were some gold in the picture as well.