The Georgia Bulldogs' G-Day Game: A Chance To Shine On ESPN

Robert HollandCorrespondent IApril 9, 2009

This year's G-Day on April 11 is going to be unlike any other in recent Georgia Bulldogs history.

First off, admission is free. Hopefully this means that Sanford Stadium will be packed to the gills with 90,000-plus raving fans who are ready to cheer on their Dawgs.

Second, G-Day is going to televised live on ESPN. Remember the last time that network covered a game at Sanford Stadium?

Yep, that's right. It was last year, when then-No. 8 Alabama beat then-No. 3 Georgia, 41-30.

I'm a bit curious as to why the game is on national TV and free; I guess they just want us, the fans, to fill out Sanford Stadium for the live broadcast?

Regardless, since the No. 1 sports channel is showing the game live, this is a great opportunity for the university to show the nation its high-caliber football team and a chance for the players to shine on national TV.

And speaking of players shining...

I don't know the exact number, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 Georgia players are on the injured list, and with that many players having to sit out G-Day, the scrimmage will be quite an opening for freshmen and second-team players to step up.

We all know about the highly competitive battle for the Dawgs' running back position. All of the contenders are going to have a chance to show the spectators (both in the stands and watching on the tube) exactly what they're made of.

And by the way, guys, coaches will be reviewing this film a bit too.

Now consider the quarterback position: You have starter Joe Cox ready to lead the first-team offense against the first-team defense, but also Logan Gray spearheading the second-team offense against the second-team defense.

These matchups are sure to be exciting to watch!

As UGA head coach Mark Richt said, "...when the No. 1 offense is on the field, the No. 1 defense will be on the field."

One thing's for sure: The stage is set for an exciting time in Sanford Stadium on Saturday.


In Summary:

  • There's free admission into Sanford Stadium.
  • The game is to be nationally broadcast on ESPN.
  • There are lots (30-plus) of players hurt.
  • Therefore, freshmen and second-team players will be ready to shine.
  • The team's top offense will be pitted against the top defense.

Man. Does Georgia Bulldog football get any better than this (outside of the regular season, that is)?



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